Blockchain as the Ultimate Industry Changer


Media & Entertainment Industry

DECENT provides a content distribution system on DCore
  • Buy and sell digital content, such as files, audio, video and other formats
  • Instant monetization allows content creators to set the price per view or download and get paid directly with no fees
  • Split revenue automatically for content with more than one contributor
  • Crowdfunding can turn your supporters into your advocates
  • Learn about our partner project, FENIX—Where content and blockchain meet
logo fenix Designed to give musicians multiple new income sources, FENIX provides artists with direct access to band merchandise and ticketing industries—all in a way that’s never been done before. Powered by DECENT’s versatile DCore blockchain technology, both artists and their fans can effortlessly enjoy making and listening to music, no matter where and when.
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Gaming & Esports Industry

DECENT creates a direct user-to-developer marketplace, where purchases and transactions are processed using DCT (DECENT’s cryptographic asset) or other user-issued assets. Users can access games and in-app purchases quickly and securely.
  • Reduced costs and processing time of cross-border settlements with minimized channel promotion costs
  • Improved mobile game distribution lifecycle
  • Fair and instant monetization
  • Easy access through convenient token top-up, integrated user rewards and SDKs
logo alax Learn about our partner project, ALAX—combining the power of DECENT’s DCore blockchain with the magic of gaming, ALAX is already changing the landscape for smartphone users.

Ticketing Industry

DECENT offers a revolutionary ticketing solution which enables digital tickets and proof of transactions.
  • User Issued Assets (UIAs) and custom tokens are an easy-to-use alternative for paper tickets
  • Traceable & time-stamped data, where important dates and messages can be stored using DCore, allowing for the real-time overview of ownership, transfer and use of the ticket
  • Fast & transferable data transactions where within 5 seconds of a request, data transactions are already being processed
  • Adjustable time limits and expiration dates make for a completely customizable experience

Energy Industry

DECENT provides full automation & instant record-keeping software where consumption figures data is chronologically and immutably stored inside blockchain. We specialize in identifying current & future trends and preparing organizations to grow their business beyond the usual markets.
  • Automatized data collection and real-time visualization
  • Real-time analytics thanks to instant transaction settlements between parties
  • Energy planning of services, scaling, and uptime or downtime management
  • Balancing of decentralized grids and reporting
  • Energy trading and central short-term storage of electricity and E-mobility
  • Power quality and real-time control by online and offline sets or tools for monitoring, modeling or simulating grid operation properties and stability
logo progridtech Learn about our partner project, ProGridTech. Blockchain brings to the energy industry wide scalability, direct access to data which are processed instantly. Blockchain will be internal part of Industry 4.0 bringing scalability, authenticity and quick data processing in near real-time.
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Digital Advertising

Brand-safety, ad-view & click verification, transaction settlement and analytics systems can be integrated with publishers’ and advertisers’ existing DSPs into one easy to use solution. It can boost efficiency and data integrity for digital advertising. It is fast, scalable, and secure to meet advertiser needs.
  • High transaction speed achieved by connecting blockchain file pointer metadata to decentralized big data storage
  • Instant settlement and transparency throughout the digital advertising value chain
  • Ability to create a stable token which can be pegged to FIAT (e.g. USD, GBP, Euro, HKD, RMB, etc.)
  • Transparent analytics
  • No costly third-party verification services needed

Internet of Things

DECENT offers certification & proof of originality systems connecting supply chain data with the physical world.
  • A transparent and secure solution that helps keep detailed records of the items lifecycle, ownership and shipping documents, supplier information, manufacturing details, and logistic specifics
  • Full data traceability between approved data and real parts verification over the full product lifecycle
  • Automated project management by real-time EVM
  • Program cost reduction by 25% thanks to automation and improved airworthiness process efficiency

Aviation & Military Industry

DECENT provides a blockchain solution for management of E2E airworthiness process.
  • Guarantee of airworthiness data immutability and security by verification on the blockchain
  • Automatic compliance and trust for design data approvals across full supply chain over the entire product lifecycle
  • Full real-time traceability between blockchain-verified design data and real aircraft blockchain-verified parts by using the SmartDust Fingerprinting technology
  • Automation of approval processes and of Earned Value Project Management
  • Liability limitation in case of an issue thanks to automatic process compliance by the intrinsic nature of blockchain
logo 3ipk Learn about our partner project, 3IPK—Blockchain for industry, engineering and supply chain, powered by DCore.
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