DCore Update: Version 1.3.0 Release

September 03, 2018

DCore version 1.3.0 has just been released! Our hardworking developer team continues to upgrade and develop DCore. Without wasting any time, let’s explore the new features of this update:

Fast, Faster, Fastest
This update optimizes speed and performance which puts DCore in an elite category of blockchain platforms and we’re pretty excited to say that detailed benchmarks now show a speed of over 2,000+ transactions per second (TPS). You can read more about our internal testing here.

Linux Enhancement
Previously, our DCore daemon on Linux systems could only be run as a command line application. In this update, we added the possibility of running it as a system service/daemon, as well.

History Is No More a Mystery
There were a couple of major features and bugs that we addressed in this update. The most important of these features is the storage of full details of every operation from executed transactions. This feature allows anyone to see all the operations that changed their balance. Using the new API, you can now see a more detailed history of your balance.

A search function, based on transaction ID, has also been added now, so if you need to find a certain transaction you’ve made in the past, you can access it quickly through our search function.

Sending Messages
Previously, our messaging system was only encrypted – but now, we’ve added unencrypted messaging as well. This allows anyone to send unencrypted messages which are publically viewable and secured on DCore.

API Support Improved
One thing the community had asked us to improve was the limited access API sets over HTTP. Well, we’re happy to say that 3rd party applications now (using both communication protocols Websocket and HTTP) can call APIs from any public API set without a session. We’ve also added support for OpenSSL 1.1 and up, as well as for CryptoPP 7.0 and up.

Here you can download the DCore Version 1.3.0 release.

An important note for all of our DCore miners: Please update your DCore node by downloading and installing this release before Sept. 13th at 08:00 UTC (failure to do this may result in missed blocks from your node).

If you are interested in building a Dapp on DCore or have any questions for our developer team, feel free to join our new Developer Telegram Channel. As always, for the most up-to-date news about DECENT and DCore, follow us on social media or join our official Telegram.