DCore Mandatory Update: Version 1.4.0 Release

July 04, 2019

Our DCore platform has been kicking it around the block for quite some time now (no pun intended). Together with you, our dear users, not only have we seen it grow technologically through some truly fascinating projects but what we’ve also been able to observe is its presence increasing inside and out thanks to our international hackathon series.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of DCore version 1.4.0!

As the first major update of 2019, this bad boy delivers some really wholesome features to our blockchain platform. As always, our developers have been burning the midnight oil to give you the best blockchain experience we have to offer.

In this update, you will be able to find the following new features:

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Easier installation and updating of DCore nodes
  • Co-author limit increased from 10 to 10,000

Your Own Animal Farm with Non-Fungible Tokens 🐓🐈🐖

Ever thought about time traveling back to medieval times, becoming a king or queen and creating your own wicked-cool coin? With DCore, you can do that now—and there’s no time travel required.

Say hello to non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs. This new addition to DCore will allow you to create, manage and hold your custom, unique and irreplaceable—ergo, non-fungible—tokens.

Remember CryptoKitties? This blockchain project was one of the first to introduce NFTs in a casual, playful and cat-friendly way. Players were allowed to purchase, collect and breed virtual kitties, which would be represented as unique tokens on the blockchain. Now, you can build your own world of virtual domestic animals with DCore!

Nonetheless, these digital memorabilia do also have a more serious use case spectrum—reaching from generating unique and verifiable tickets, ID cards, and crypto collectibles in digital gaming, sports and even eSports. The potential is limitless! Whether it’s an animal farm or medieval-like currency, all you need is a good dose of imagination.

DCore Nodes and Their Good Case of the Simples 💡

Forget about old-fashioned manual installations! Upgrading and installing DCore nodes has never been easier. We’ve simplified the whole process and made it as convenient as ever.

Installing and upgrading DCore nodes will no longer require you to manually download installation packages. Supported are APT (Package Manager) on Debian and Ubuntu systems and DNF (Package Manager) on the Fedora system.

Ten Is Simply Not Enough. How about TEN THOUSAND?! 🔝

Starting with update 1.4.0, your multimedia projects can now expand to Hollywood-like quantities. Create your custom project and share the revenue made among up to 10,000 users (accounts). Yes, we saw the former number and decided that it just wasn’t big enough!

Try DCore 1.4.0 For Yourself 👍

Go give the new DCore update a try! Download the source code on Github HERE.

Attention, miners! Please update your DCore node by downloading and installing this release before July 11, 08:00 UTC. Failure to do this will result in missed blocks and your system will not work.

Interested in building a dApp focused on NFTs on DCore? Do you have any questions for our developer team about this update? Feel free to join our Developer Telegram Channel. As always, for the most up-to-date news about DECENT and DCore, follow us on social media or join our official Telegram.