Here is a quick look as some of the biggest milestones from the DECENT Story.


Jan. 2016 – DECENT releases working prototype of the blockchain before ICO funding. This helps set DECENT above other ICOs of the time.

Sept. 2016 – The ICO raises 5,881 BTC, over $4 Million USD based on the price of BTC at this time.

Oct. 2016 – DECENT Expands to Asia. New office opened in Shanghai.

June 2017 – DECENT launches the Official DCore blockchain and the first block is created.

Sept. 2017 – DECENT Expands to USA. New office opened in New York.

Sept. 2017 – DECENT Wins Slovak Startup of the Year Award at the European Startup Awards

Nov. 2017 – Unchained Conference in Hong Kong becomes the first event organized and hosted by DECENT

Feb. 2018 – The new joint venture blockchain project, ALAX, begins development on DCore

March 2018 – Developer testnet is made available to the public.

May 2018 – DECENT hosts the first ever Global Hackathon Series, Blockchain Pioneers.

June 2018 – The main website of DECENT gets a fresh new look with updated branding and communication.


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