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Cyber Security

Inside the world of IT, security and privacy are the two main aspects that are becoming more and more critical every year. Due to an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks, and the fact that the quantity of devices connected to the internet is growing exponentially, these critical components are at risk. Here’s where DECENT Cybersec comes in.

Who should contact DECENT’s Cyber Security team?
  • Companies holding critical infrastructure
  • Industries with SCADA implementations
  • Clients needing secure communication platforms
  • Clients who need to analyze the security of their infrastructure
Why should you contact DECENT’s Cyber Security team?

The DECENT Cyber Security team has a rich history in designing, implementing, securing and testing the highest security standard blockchain infrastructure and products. Our services and solutions come with SLA and 24/7 support.

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Blockchain Consulting

We help companies explore various methods to effectively optimize their business case with blockchain. We analyze next-level products and services which make it easy to implement a full-fledged blockchain infrastructure while estimating its innovative potential for your business.

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System Integration

We assist with unifying the existing components of your business technology with blockchain infrastructure—unlocking the true benefits in your organization's value chain. The process is seamless, efficient and adaptable to your business.

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Start Your Own Hackathon

To date, DECENT has organized a number of successful hackathons in Europe, Asia and the US, attended by hundreds of hackers and blockchain enthusiasts.

Thanks to our unique technology and expert team, we have managed to support a number of talents and enabled the creation of new unique projects. Would you like to discover new possibilities that blockchain technology offers? Are you interested in upgrading and moving your business to the next level? Successful blockchain projects are constantly growing. We'll help you organize your own blockchain hackathon, and attract innovators and new innovative ideas.

What do we offer?
  • Experience with the organization of hackathons
  • Our own blockchain platform (DCore)
  • Know-how and a professional team to help you organize your hackathon to fit your business and goals
  • Mentoring and incubating projects even after the hackathon
  • Network of international partners (universities, hubs, science parks, coworking)
  • Marketing support and PR


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Custom Digital Wallet

We will develop a tailor-made crypto wallet according to your needs & preferences. This even includes creating your own cryptocurrency. We will customize the wallet, its functions and graphic design to fit your brand and professionally represent your business.

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