Monthly Recap – May 2018

June 07, 2018

Hey guys! May was another super busy month for our Team at DECENT that saw our Leadership team traverse multiple countries in order to continue spreading our mission of DECENT as the next breakout Blockchain.

Welcome Daniel, John, Dave and Filip!

May saw us add two new team members, Daniel Riddell and John Oh. Daniel is an Advisor, as well as a Brand Ambassador. Our new advisor kicked things off by speaking at Asia’s Advertising Week held in Tokyo before he heads back to Slovakia to present DECENT in METRO Online 2018 this June. John will be part of our Korean team to lead DECENT in South Korea’s emerging Blockchain space.

Speaking of expansion, we’ve added a new copywriter, Dave, who will be stationed in Bratislava and help broaden our reach with his unique skill set. We’re also looking at rapidly ramping up our Team in Russia. Last month we hired Filip Kubelka as our first boots on the ground. More news on these two fronts will follow later this month!

Do you know who hosted the first ever Global Blockchain Hackathon?

Spoiler. It was us.

If you missed our in-depth coverage of last week’s first ever Global Blockchain Hackathon, let me give you the short summary.

20,000 DCT (~15,000 Euros) was up for grabs as 5 teams competed in Bratislava over a grueling 2 day Hackathon. All 5 teams came up with great blockchain projects and our judges had a difficult decision, however, when it was all said and done only one team could take home the prize. Werbifi emerged victorious for their innovative use of DCore for a Blockchain Wi-Fi Marketing Platform.

If you missed out, fret not. We have two more coming up soon in Berlin and Shanghai before Halloween hits, stay tuned for details as we’ll open registration soon.

Michal & Matej’s trip across Europe and Asia

The trip started off at the Global Graphene Developers Conference in Shanghai, where our Head of Innovation Michael Geci represented DECENT in front of more than 1000 attendees and many of our China team educated blockchain enthusiasts about the power of DCore. Meanwhile, Matej was interviewed in for the Block O2O Global Summit in Hong Kong where our team also presented at the Fintech020 Global Summit.

On the other side of the world, our team from Bratislava attended the “We Are Developers” conference in Vienna, which is known as the Woodstock of Developers, attended by over 6,000 techies. Then to Berlin for BlockShow Europe 2018, one of the biggest 2-day networking events of the year, with over 3,000 companies, projects and blockchain fanatics in attendance.

For a more in-depth look at our conference impact, check out our May Conferences Recap.

Our Wallet is Up

On the Tech front, we have two major news we will announce in detail this month. For starters, our Mobile Client Wallet’s UI has been completed and should be available for you shortly.

In addition, we’ve developed a successful voting system for the hard-working DECENT Miners. The goal is to create a simple and balanced voting procedure for DCT holders to elect DCore Miners.

We’ll cover both of these things with full editorials later this month.

New Logo, New Slogan, New Look!

We’ve been working behind the scenes for a few months now on a couple new things and this month we released our new logo and slogan (which you guys, our community, helped us chose). In addition, we have been building a new website which showcases a bunch of new features and it will be released soon!

Ok, that’s all for May guys, see you again at the end for June for our next update.

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