Monthly Recap – July 2018

August 06, 2018

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the warm sun and your vacations around the world. While July is notorious for being a slow month for businesses, we made sure that things didn’t slow down at all here at DECENT.

Voting Tool Version 1.1 Release
If you look back, June saw the release of our new voting tool. This month, you’ll find that we have been working to make our voting tool even more powerful and easy to use. DCT holders can now use the tool to vote for the number of active miners, as well as vote/unvote for multiple miners in a single transaction. We will continue to improve this tool and welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Awards Season
Over in Europe, July is the month where submissions and initial shortlists for prestigious awards are sent out within the blockchain community. We’re happy to announce that DCore is up for several exciting awards, but we’re going to hold our cards tight, don’t want to jinx it. Don’t worry though, because as soon as they’re announced, we’ll let you know!

Matej Launched His Blog
Our Founder and CEO, Matej Michalko, has officially launched his own personal Medium account! Matej will be covering personal insights not only about blockchain and business, but his life in general as an early blockchain pioneer. He’ll start with around 2-3 posts a month, and we hope that Matej’s shared wisdom will encourage fans, community members, and blockchain enthusiasts to dig a little deeper into this transformative technology! If you want a more personal look into the life and mind of a successful blockchain CEO, make sure you follow him on Medium!

And the Winner Is…
Fashion Block! Being the big winner of our Berlin Hackathon, and the 20,000 DCT that came with it, Fashion Block aims to bring more transparency to supply chain management in the fashion industry, specifically the fabrics that we all love to wear! With more transparency, we hope they can lessen the effects of residual waste, which would ultimately lead to a better designed future. Second and third place went to BlockVote and HANAI, who are in the electoral voting and healthcare sections, respectively. Both of these projects represent massive steps towards improving the quality of life for people all over the world. Check out what Robina von Stein of Fashion Block has to say about the future of her project in last week’s blog post.

If you missed out on our Berlin Hackathon, fret not! Our Shanghai hackathon is coming up in September with the theme to be announced soon. Registration is still open, but it’s filling up fast!

That’s a wrap for July, see you guys next month.