Monthly Recap – April 2019

May 09, 2019

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. DECENT, too, made it rain last month with new product launches, partnerships, conference appearances, updates and more. Join us for a look back at a very productive April.

Branching Out Like a Bonsai Tree 🌳

Three major product launches took place this past month. DECENT Media Group, or DMG for short, will take the media industry by storm as a subsidiary of DECENT. DMG combines the expertise of our business savvy team and the advanced DCore platform to offer services dedicated to developing, launching and managing blockchain solutions specifically for the media and entertainment industry.

DCube, the blockchain incubator, provides all the services needed to get your blockchain project up and running in the wonderful world of blockchain. This new service is tailored for start-ups, students and entrepreneurs who are interested in using blockchain and want to have a little professional assistance along the way. The incubation services provide mentorship, technical consultation, business development, funding and networking for new blockchain projects.

Our new rewards program launched this month in the form of the DECENT Bounty Program. We have several bounties which offer rewards to anyone who takes the time to check our products for bugs, broken links, missing information, etc., and for more time-consuming tasks such as creating an MVP (minimal viable product) on DCore. The reward payout varies by the difficulty of the task as well as the quality of the outcome. Keep an eye on our DECENT Bounty Program as there will surely be more to come soon.

In addition to these great products, we also made headlines signing a new partnership with Muvi, an award-winning New York-based technology company behind the cloud-based over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform. The agreement will secure a mutual co-development and integration of both platforms to provide a foundation for a blockchain-based digital content distribution service.

DECENT – More Omnipresent than Ever 🌐

We kicked off April by making some major appearances, speeches and presentations in prestigious conferences around the world. Starting in the USA with Blockgress Chicago, where our own Daniel Riddell joined a panel to discuss blockchain innovation and the advantages of DCore. Just a few days later at NAB Show in Las Vegas, we met up with the team from Muvi to showcase the new initiative in front of thousands of attendees.

Meanwhile, in Europe, our Biz Dev team attended the Unblocked conference in Vienna alongside Humanity Token and Collective Energy to share the positive social impact of the blockchain charity project, Token 4 Hope. Then it was on to MipTV in Cannes, France, and the public debut of DMG. We also attended the Economic Forum in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where our CEO and Founder, Matej Michalko, joined a panel about “Innovations and Industry as new Drivers of Growth”.

We continued our momentum with a huge developer conference in Singapore, known as Blockchain Life 2019 and concluded the month with a long bike ride for charity, traversing 300+ km from Vienna, Austria, to Budapest, Hungary. We joined Techbikers for the second year in a row to help raise money for the charitable foundation Room to Read which is helping to combat child illiteracy. We are looking forward to more events like this in the future, because after all, what better way to help create a positive future than to invest in the education of today’s youth.

Souping Up the Pillars of Our Community 🍜

Our community is, and always has been, extremely important to us and vital to the continuation of our company. This month, we added not one, but two new moderators to help expand our reach to new and interesting markets. Our two new moderators are based in Turkey and Russia (click the links to view the country-specific Telegram channels), and we are excited to see what develops from this expansion.

At the end of April, we made a huge update to our roadmap. We added major milestones for the rest of Q2 and upcoming Q3-Q4. There is a lot to be excited about coming up in Q2, as we have several cool things in the works, such as an update to our existing wallet family with both of our official Android and iOS wallets getting some upgraded features (more info coming very soon, stay tuned).

One last thing to mention, Matej’s blog on Medium kicked it up a notch this month with two great articles about blockchain in Venezuela and the future of security tokens. If you’re not following our CEO and Founder’s Medium account yet, you’re missing out on some of the top insight from one of the leading blockchain figures in the industry.

That’s it for our recap of April. We hope you all are as excited for the upcoming months as we are. Cheers to what is already looking like a very dynamic year for DECENT! As always, give us a follow on social media for the latest news and join our live discussions on Telegram.