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Run your own private blockchain. Restrict permissions and access to your nodes.
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privacy Privacy and compliance The blockchain network is private and you're in control of access and permissions in the network. Restrict who can run a node or read data from the blockchain to comply with any compliance requirements your enterprise has.
privacy Faster transactions Private blockchain allows you to distribute nodes locally to reduce latency and improve performance. Dedicated nodes provide enough capacity to cover the processing needs of your blockchain network.
privacy Better scalability Having full control over the number of nodes gives you unlimited scalability options. Easily deploy additional nodes if you expect high number of transactions. Scale the number of nodes in your network and improve processing time.
privacy Your data is not public Data stored in private blockchain is not public at any time. You're in control who can read and write to blockchain. Fine grained permissions, private network and access restrictions help you protect your private data.

Product Specification

  • Certificate Authority Verification Access and permissions can be managed through a certificate authority which issues certificates used for authentication. Certificate authority can issue, renew and revoke certificates from a centrally managed console.
  • Access Control Level Fine-grained permission management allows you to define access to individual operations such as reading, submitting transactions, signing transactions, etc. per account on the network.
  • Firewall Protection Nodes can be protected by a firewall to restrict network access to the nodes. This improves security by limiting security threats on the network level.
  • Dedicated Server Resources Private blockchain provides the option to dedicate server resources for nodes. Server resources not shared with other processes improve performance of the network.
  • Disk Encryption Data stored on the nodes can be encrypted by advanced cryptographic algorhitms. Data encryption protects data on the disks in case of security incidents.
  • Centralized Configuration Management Manage configuration of your nodes from a central place. Deploy configuration change in real time to all nodes in the network.
  • Regulated Data Security Comply with any compliance requirements your organization may have in place by configuring the type of data to be stored on individual nodes in the network.
  • Two Factor Authentication Protect accounts in the network by a two factor authentication to reduce the risk of account theft or misuse by a bad actor.
  • Centralized Logging Keep all logs centralized, discoverable and searchable for easier debugging and alerting in case of potential issues within the private blockchain network.

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