DECENT Launches DCube Incubator

April 18, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland – April 17, 2019 – The international blockchain company, DECENT, today announces the launch of DCube – DECENT’s brand-new blockchain incubator. DCube serves as a mentorship, funding, technical consultation, business development, and networking hub dedicated to developers, students, and entrepreneurs to kickstart their original blockchain projects.

DCube provides blockchain innovators with all the right tools and services to realize their projects and ideas and turn them into real-world solutions. The services offered make full use of DECENT’s proprietary DCore blockchain platform, which ranks among the fastest blockchain protocols in the market and provides a substructure for a wide variety of multifaceted projects in its portfolio.

DECENT’s projects include an aviation & defense system (3IPK), blockchain-driven charity initiative (Humanity Token), mobile streaming platform (Fiction Riot’s Ficto), a decentralized mobile gaming platform and marketplace (ALAX), award-winning OTT platform (Muvi), and others.

DCube’s launch program offers a variety of convenient services such as funding, enabling small and early-stage teams, startups and students who generate successful projects on DCore to receive funding opportunities from DECENT and its network of venture capitalists and other funding authorities.

DCube also offers technical consultations which provide inquirers with free consultations and assessments to create a pitch-perfect match for their blockchain ideas. Other services involve business development assistance to help make projects viable and market-ready by assessing the current trends in the market as well as a community and network booster which correlates all of DECENT’s communities, advocates and innovators to secure a smooth and effective transition into the global market.

Since the beginning of the year 2018, DECENT has organized several blockchain hackathons – multi-day programming competitions – around the world. DECENT’s own “Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon” series has traversed the globe, leaving a footprint in cities like BratislavaMoscowShanghaiBerlinLaramie in Wyoming, and Košice, further advancing to Singapore in May this year.

All of DECENT’s hackathon instances have resulted in innovative and original projects being created, such as ticketing and garment tracking systems, investment-free token creation enterprise, an animal species protection program, and a smart contract-based crowdfunding system. DECENT has always offered additional assistance to the hackathon winners and other participants. This actuality has driven DECENT to create an ecosystem which focuses on creating original projects even outside of hackathons.

The Head of Innovations at DECENT, Michal Géci, commented on the idea behind the blockchain incubator’s launch: “The continuous involvement in organizing hackathons and having met such talented souls has lead us to believe that an endeavor like DCube would allow for an easy way to create unique blockchain projects in a convenient and effective manner. With DCube, our desire is to create a ‘friendly playground’ for developers, students and entrepreneurs to kickstart their innovative ideas – and we believe that our platform, DCore, is ready to adopt those to real life. We welcome proposals from anyone who comes to us with a creative idea to conceive unique blockchain solutions.”

Those interested in using DCube’s services can apply via the DCube website. DECENT’s future goals for the new incubator involve continuously supporting young student talents and building partnerships with other companies, universities, and hubs interested in creating space for blockchain innovations.