Chocolate You’ll Know By Each Block: Blockchain-Traced Lyra Gallery Enters World Market

September 25, 2019

Photo Credit: Lyra

– From harvesting to packaging, three Slovakia-based companies, Lyra, 3IPK and DECENT, work together to trace the chocolate production process exclusively with blockchain –

September 25, 2019 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Being a prime chocolatier is no easy feat—especially if you value quality over quantity. This is what Lyra’s director, Karol Stýblo, understands as he makes more than sure he personally knows every farmer he buys his beans from—and he wants his customers to get to know them, too.

On September 24, at the “3IPK Blockchain & Industry 4.0 Forum” event in Bratislava, blockchain technology-focused companies, 3IPK and DECENT, together with an award-winning chocolate manufacturer, Lyra, publicly announced an official partnership to develop a genuine “from-production-to-table” tracking system powered by DECENT’s proprietary blockchain platform, DCore

The primary goal of this endeavor is to initiate the tracking of six special varieties of brand new “Lyra Gallery” chocolate bars—designed by a distinguished Slovak-born artist, Daniel Bidelnica—granting Lyra not only full oversight of all production steps but a significant place in the international market.

“The fusion of modern technology with a time-honored delectable such as chocolate is a spectacle that we, at Lyra, are more than excited to embrace together with DECENT and 3IPK,” expressed Lyra’s Founder, Karol Stýblo, at the event.

The implementation of blockchain into Lyra’s chocolate products is based on several layers. Each of Lyra’s manufactured goods will have a unique QR code, scannable by customers upon purchase. Upon scanning the QR code, customers will be presented with a screen showing a special tracking sheet of all particular 13 actions concomitant with each chocolate bar, such as harvesting, fermenting, drying, conching, and packaging.

The ultimate role of blockchain technology, in this sense, will be to verify, timestamp and write these activities into its immutable ledger—giving customers the benefit of knowing what exact processes their comestible went through.

New blockchain-trackable “Lyra Gallery” chocolate bars. Photo Credit: Lyra

Matej Michalko, CEO and Founder of DECENT, comments: “It’s everyone’s fundamental right to know where their food comes from. By acquiring Lyra as our partner, blockchain has, yet again, proven its traits—flexibility, immutability and effectiveness—utilizable even by the broader public.”

As for now, the companies are working together to formulate a solution for implementing blockchain to all 13 of the processing steps. The pilot version will see 200,000 bars being produced. Customers can now exclusively pre-order the new Lyra Gallery series on Lyra’s official website: