DECENT’s Hackathon Series Goes Intercontinental

August 20, 2018

Geneva, Switzerland, August 20, 2018 – While big companies are constantly searching for use cases that would justify the implementation of blockchain into their system, hackathons act as a tool to deliver functioning blockchain projects and concepts in an accelerated time period. These competitive events are designed to inspire revolutionary projects, rapidly evaluate viability, and give them a jumpstart on the road to realization.

DECENT, an international blockchain company, has organized two highly successful hackathons this year as part of its Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon global series. Both events, in Bratislava and Berlin respectively, have brought eminently promising projects to the table, namely Werbifi and Fashion Block.

Operating on a global scale, DECENT has decided to give its hackathon series an upgrade this time by extending it not only to China but also the USA, with both hackathons taking place at the same time.

DECENT’s own proprietary blockchain platform, DCore, is the main tool used in its hackathons and has elevated the company to stand on the cutting edge of the blockchain industry. It is also one of the fastest performing blockchain platforms in the world (2000+ transactions per second).

Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Shanghai, China


The Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon comes to China as part of a week-long conference, Shanghai International Blockchain Week (SIBW), which annually hosts more than 2,000 participants, 60 speakers, captivating workshops, and industry experts, the likes of Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Founder) and Alex Batlin (Founder & CEO of Trustology). Along with Qutm and Wanchain, DECENT is a sponsor of the event’s organizer, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs.

DECENT’s Shanghai hackathon already has more than 100 participants and still accepting registrations. By developing the best project on DCore, the participants have a chance to win an impressive 20,000 DCT. The winning team will have a chance to compete against other blockchain company hackathon winners for a chance at Wanxiang Blockchain Labs major prize of up to 50,000 RMB, as well as tickets to attend the entire SIBW conference.

Those who wish to compete in DECENT’s Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Shanghai can register HERE.

Additional details:

TOPIC: Modernizing Businesses for the Digital Age
TIME: September 07-09, 2018
LOCATION: Hongkou Technology and Financial Building, No.463 Tanggu RD., Hongkou District, Shanghai, China


Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Laramie, Wyoming
The State of Wyoming has recently earned the status of being a “blockchain state”, passing several bills in favor of blockchain businesses. The University of Wyoming rapidly responded by organizing Wyohackathon 2018 with the subtitle “Breakin’ Through”. DECENT is a sponsor of the event and will hold the first US edition of the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon as part of the event.

DECENT will also be having an on-site booth with several of the company’s team members providing support and information for anyone interested in working with DCore. DECENT Advisor, Daniel Riddell will also give a speech among other celebrity speakers such as Joseph Lubin (Co-Founder of Ethereum).

With more than 600 developers attending this intense two-day event, participants will be able to choose from two of DECENT’s topics (stated below) to win the grand prize of 20,000 DCT, and compete against other blockchain company hackathon winners for a chance at $12,000 for the ultimate Wyohackathon winner.

Those who wish to participate in DECENT’s Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Wyoming can register HERE.

Additional details:

TOPICS: 1) Create an event ticketing system using DCore; 2) Create a video publishing/redistribution app using DCore
TIME: September 07-09, 2018
LOCATION: University of Wyoming, Memorial Fieldhouse, Adjacent to War Memorial Stadium West Stands Laramie, WY 82070 USA

Participating in two hackathons simultaneously is yet another step in fulfilling DECENT’s mission to help anyone in the world build decentralized applications.

Founded in 2015, DECENT is a non-profit foundation that has developed an open-source blockchain platform, named DCore. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, DECENT is dedicated to build the ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future.

About DCore
Launched in 2017, DCore is a stable, customizable and cost-efficient open-source blockchain platform you can build on. As the world’s first blockchain dedicated to digital content, media and entertainment, DCore provides user-friendly software development kits to empower dApp developers and businesses in the decentralized network.