DECENT Organizes Yet Another Global Hackathon, This Time in Berlin

June 28, 2018

Geneva/Bratislava, June 28, 2018 – DECENT, the company behind its proprietary open-source blockchain platform, DCore, has just announced yet another hackathon as part of the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon global series. For this event, the company has chosen the German capital city of Berlin as the venue location, which is nowadays known as the biggest blockchain hub in the world. Participants will compete for a prize of 20,000 DCT, as well as mentorship and collaboration opportunities with DECENT, and an exclusive trip to attend the next Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon in Shanghai, courtesy of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs.

The latest hackathon event, titled Blockchain4Good: Shaping Smart Sustainable Cities for the Future, will take place for the duration of two days, from July 20 to 22. DECENT has decided to partner up with Impact Hub, the largest world network focused on impactfully building entrepreneurial communities.

DECENT’s initial hackathon in Bratislava, that took place in May, was met with significant success. Four young developers from Vienna came up with a blockchain project, Werbifi, aimed at selling advertisement space on public Wi-Fi captive portals, and the team took home the grand prize of 20,000 DCT.

The theme for the Berlin hackathon is finding the most imaginative decentralized solution for creating smart cities through areas such as finance, health, government, energy, and mobility and logistics. This will all be possible through DECENT’s innovative DCore blockchain platform which the competing teams will use for building the best blockchain project. In addition to the grand prize, the winning team will get the chance to compete with winners from the other (previous and upcoming) hackathons in the worldwide grand finale.

Participants will pitch their blockchain ideas, then teams of two to five people will be given free range to choose the project they want to work on. The registration for this event is open now and closes on July 05, 10 PM GMT+2. Those who are interested can apply via this form.


DECENT is a non-profit foundation that has developed an open-source blockchain ecosystem focused on helping businesses adapt to a decentralized future. With their proprietary technology and platform called DCore, DECENT can improve a wide range of real-world applications, especially content distribution networks.

About DCore

DCore is the blockchain you can actually build on. Developed by DECENT, this platform is set to revolutionize the way digital data is exchanged by providing simplified, decentralized and borderless content and data distribution for applications (dApps). DCore is an open-source solution for companies looking to fast-track their own blockchain-based ideas.

About Impact Hub

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