DECENT – Bigger Than You Think! with Co-Founder Matej Boda

August 31, 2017



Hello everyone,

I want to take a moment to clear up a common misunderstanding. DECENT is much more than just a content distribution application. It is an innovative adaptation of blockchain technology with a customizable system allowing for a plethora of applications which go far beyond DECENT GO, which is just our demonstration of a possible use-case.

We officially launched our core technology in June of this year and already have several companies utilizing our technology for various applications. For example, our own, DECENT GO (a google play-like marketplace to upload, buy and sell all forms of digital content), and ATMChain (a media advertising platform with over 7,000 intelligent media screens in China). Each of these are using DECENT’s core technology to advance their products.

In the short amount of time since the official launch, DECENT has been utilized for, a content distribution platform, a news and article sharing application, and a media advertising platform, which clearly showcases the diversity of our technology and how customizable it can be. This is why we built a decentralized and open source technology that provides an ideal foundation for creators to build on. Our existing architecture, which is backed by the highest levels of encryption and security provided by our customized blockchain technology eliminates an enormous obstacle for new innovators that want to utilize the power of blockchain but lack the time or resources to build their own. And, this is just the beginning, I can assure you, there is much more to be announced in the coming months.

Now that we’ve got a basic understanding of just how massive DECENT can actually be, let’s jump to the technical side of things and deconstruct the features we offer. Infrastructure wise, it can be broken down into 2 interconnected layers (DECENT Core and DECENT Ecosystem).

The first layer is the DECENT Core. This is essentially the blockchain layer, responsible for the generation, storage and synchronization of blocks. This layer has two main parts, DECENT Daemon and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which directly communicate with each other to perform the core functionality of the blockchain network.

The DECENT Daemon stores network information, such as DCT tokens and encrypted content  keys and also provides a secure way to buy and sell content. It’s that simple, but the power and elegance behind these simple functions has industry experts duly impressed. Just take a look at the source code if you don’t believe me.

The IPFS layer is responsible for the distribution of content uploads/ downloads between seeders and users. As a bonus, we’ve extended the IPFS system and added a mechanism that rewards seeders (the nodes storing content and enabling it to be transferred between creators and users) directly through our DECENT Core functionality.

The second layer is the DECENT Ecosystem. Basically, this layer includes all the interfaces  which can be built on top of DECENT Core. It allows for, video streaming, audio streaming, digital content distribution, crowd funding, advertising, reputation management, miner voting, data management, and really the limit of the use-cases has yet to be discovered. It is open source, so anyone can create a new interface, tailor it to a specific use and connect it to the DECENT Core. From another perspective, you could imagine this as a translator between the user who will be enjoying the interface of choice and the complex technology making it all possible.

The two layers of DECENT work together to deliver the highest level of security and best user experience for everyone. The main purpose of our blockchain platform (DECENT Core) is to allow for other companies and developers to use our technology to launch new and innovative products or re-imagine already established ones on top of our trustworthy and secure blockchain network.

As you can see, DECENT is much more than just a content distribution platform. Instead it is an entire, customizable infrastructure for developers to use as the foundation for their blockchain projects. Our technology has been adopted by the projects previously stated above, but there is so much more already in the works. We hope to get the community excited about our future collaborations and who knows, maybe you will create the next Netflix, or Spotify on top of DECENT Network.

On behalf of the entire DECENT team, we thank you for trusting in us and appreciate the support from our amazing community.

Matej Boda