Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon 2018

May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018DECENT is proud to announce the first of its global series – the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon. This series will span the globe, seeking to connect top talent from around the world with DECENT’s open-source blockchain platform, DCore. The series kicks off in the city of the company’s headquarters, Bratislava, Slovakia and is co-hosted by 0100 Campus, an internationally recognized coworking space and avid supporter of innovative technologies. Over the next few months, the series will continue in cities such as Berlin and Shanghai.

Hackathons offer a great collaborative platform, providing people of various technical backgrounds a chance to challenge their creative minds and network with like-minded peers. The goal is to create something truly unique and real-world ready, given the tools and resources provided.

DECENT’s inaugural hackathon will host teams of two to five people, coding through numerous obstacles and creating one-of-a-kind blockchain solutions for the chance to win amazing prizes provided by both the DECENT team and 0100 Campus. Participants will have the exclusive opportunity to work beside and learn from seasoned blockchain experts and IT entrepreneurs at the various on-site event workshops.

The hackathon will be focused on creating projects on the DCore platform with the themes: Enterprise – projects improving operational efficiency, and Transformation – projects enabling business model innovation. These projects will be judged by DECENT and event partners.

The participating team with the most impactful and viable project will have a chance to win up to 20,000 DCT. The winning participants will also receive a chance to be mentored by DECENT and will also be provided with a collaboration opportunity in the future. Furthermore, winners will be awarded with a prize from 0100 Campus, granting them a co-working space and mentoring sessions organized by entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

The event will take place on Friday, May 25 until May 26 on the 2nd floor of the 0100 Campus building in Bratislava, Slovakia. Throughout the whole two days, participants will be fueled by meals, snacks and other fine refreshments. Also, for participants with traveling expenses, DECENT has offered full reimbursement.

Registration for DECENT’s inaugural hackathon sold out quickly. This immediate interest shows how important such events are for the DECENT community and how eager others are to build on DCore. Keep your eyes on DECENT as they roll out this opportunity for individuals and teams of developers to build real-world blockchain applications on DCore.

For additional information about the event, including the program, please visit the event website.


DECENT is a non-profit foundation that has developed an open source blockchain ecosystem focused on helping businesses adapt to a decentralized future. With their proprietary technology and platform called DCore, DECENT can improve a wide range of real-world applications, especially content distribution networks.

About DCore
DCore is the blockchain you can actually build on. Developed by DECENT, this platform is set to revolutionize the way digital data is exchanged by providing simplified, decentralized and borderless content and data distribution for applications (dApps). DCore is an open-source solution for companies looking to fast-track their own blockchain-based ideas.

About 0100 Campus
0100 Campus is an international co-working space for early stage startups, aspiring entrepreneurs and students, based in Mlynska dolina, Bratislava. We bring principles of sharing and cooperation to the community, introduce the concept of building companies and following an entrepreneurial journey to students and youth, and organise workshops for pre-university individuals to develop their skills.