DECENT Application Installation Process for Windows

Download Windows version of DECENT Application
The file DECENTSetup.msi will be displayed in the ‘Downloads’ folder. Double-click on the file to run the installation process by clicking on the ‘Next’ button (Picture 3).
For Windows 10 users: If SmartScreen is turned on, you will see the pop-up window displayed below (Picture 1). Click on the ‘More info’ button and the ‘Run anyway’ button will show up (Picture 2). Click on it and continue with the installation process. (This is a temporary situation that will be solved within the following weeks)
Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

2. Licence Agreement
In order to run the installation successfully you need to read and accept the Terms in the Licence Agreement and then click on the ‘Next’ button.

Destination Folder

Confirm the destination folder for installing the application by clicking on the ‘Next’ button.

4. Ready to install
Click on the ‘Install’ button to begin the installation process. In the upcoming window you will be notified that the application was developed by an unknown publisher (this is a temporary situation that will be solved within the following weeks). Click on the ‘Yes’ button to continue with the installation.

After the confirmation, you will see the status of the installation in the next window. Once completed, you will be asked to exit the Setup Wizard by clicking on the ‘Finish’ button.

Setting Up An Account

1.Choose a password to protect your DECENT Wallet
The name of installed wallet application is DECENT
If you are running the DECENT Application for the first time, it will ask you to set a password. This password is used to verify the identity of the user, so keep your password safe and never share it with anyone.

2. Import Username and Private Key
The final step to make the DECENT Desktop Application operable is to import your private key which will be generated for your account in DECENT Wallet. Keep your private key in a safe place!

Please make sure that you see your account name in the dropdown and DCT balance next to it.

Now you are ready to explore the DECENT Application and nothing inhibits you from using all the provided functionalities. For more experienced users, we provide an alternative in the form of DECENT_CLI Application with a Command-line Interface. This application contains all of the functionalities that DECENT Application has plus some extra features which are currently not available in the GUI such as subscribing to an author, detailed listings, setting of different prices in different regions for a content etc.

DECENT Application’s Functionalities

Please take into consideration that DECENT Application is a BETA version and bugs are expected.
Once the DECENT Application is all set up, you can start exploring the abilities and core features of DECENT Network. Please note, application has to be synced with the network, before proceeding to user interactions. When you open the application, you will see a network synchronization process running. Interaction with the network is not directly available until synced, so the user should postpone his further actions until the app is ready.
We would like to emphasize that the experience is directly connected with the location and connection speed of all users.

1.‘Publish’ tab – Content Uploading
The ‘Publish’ tab is used for uploading content to DECENT Network. To successfully upload content, type its title into the first box and a description into the second one. Then you can determine the content’s price (in DCT) and set its lifetime duration (how long you want the content to be available in the Network) and select seeders.
When publishing, there is a 10GB limit set for the file size. Due to the encryption, the upload of a larger file would be time-consuming. Title of a published media should be unique for the whole network.

2. ‘Browse Content’ tab – Search and Buy Content
The ‘Browse Content’ tab allows you to have a look at the uploaded content. You can use a search function and look up a particular piece of content you want. After you choose a content and click on the ‘more information’ icon a pop-up window will appear containing detailed information about the file and a ‘Get it’ button.

When clicking on ‘Get it’ you will be asked to confirm if you really want to purchase the file. After the confirmation you will be automatically redirected to the ‘Purchased’ tab (see the next step).

3. ‘Purchased’ tab and Extract button

The ‘Purchased’ tab shows the history of the items you bought within DECENT Testnet. When the buying process is finished, DECENT will download the encrypted content and decryption keys. Once the downloading process is finished (= Keys 2/2 Downloaded is displayed), you can extract the file, save it to your device and leave a rating and commentfor the author, as well.

When publishing or downloading a file, selector window opens arbitrary/latest path. The user is supposed to change the path to his/her desired folder.

Leave feedback:
Please note, that comment may consist of maximum 100 characters.

4. ‘Transactions’ tab

The ‘Transactions’ tab shows records of all the transactions & operations made within a given account. You can type your username to see the records for your account.

5. ‘Users’ tab & ‘Send’ button
The ‘Users’ tab lets you search for particular accounts and see more details about them. You can use it for the “Send DCT” feature as well, by clicking on the ‘transfer icon’. Additionally, you can use the “Send DCT” feature at anytime by clicking the ‘Send’ button which is always located on the top right of the application. The smallest amount of DCT that one can send to another account is 10-8 (0.00000001 DCT).