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We provide a reliable, safe and fully customizable food tracking service via the most secure technology out there—blockchain.

From harvesting to packaging, our unique supply chain technology ensures enhanced food authenticity, benefiting those who purchase the goods as well as the ones who make it all happen.

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Want to create your blockchain-traced food supply chain?

Send us a message today, and we’ll gladly help you connect your food commodity with our advanced tracking system—suitable for any food, any stage of production. This will not only satisfy your customers’ demand for transparency but also give them a better sense of judgment in which brand to genuinely trust.

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Benefits for food manufacturers

  • A reliable tracking system compatible with any food commodity
  • Enhanced food authenticity and increased customer trust
  • Show your customers the exact tracking processes behind your ingredients
  • All data is stored in blockchain—an immutable and transparent ledger
  • The system can be set up for all stages of production
  • Differentiation in status & prominence from the competition

Benefits for consumers

  • Transparent access to detailed information (location & date of all ingredients used)
  • Increased trust in favorite and new brands
  • Simplified decision-making for those with food intolerances (dairy, gluten, soy, etc.)
  • Contribution to ecological remediation
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See how Lyra applies transparency toward customers in their products

Do you know what specific processes chocolatiers have to undergo in order to make the perfect chocolate? Meet Lyra Gallery—the world’s finest blockchain chocolate bar. From harvesting to packaging, customers have full oversight of the entire production process by simply scanning a QR code—granting them access to a special tracking sheet that displays the full-fledged, detailed life cycle. Want to see for yourself? Check out one chocolate sample.

Everyone has the right to know where their food comes from. Despite all of the constantly advancing technological wonders, the available information on food commodity movement, such as the date and location of production, is still not transparent enough.

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