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Frequently asked questions about the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon Series.

Who can attend the hackathons? Our hackathons have open registration where anyone can attend. If you're interested in blockchain technology and want to learn more about DCore, you will benefit the most from these events.
Is this event for developers only? Actually no, anyone can attend our hackathons. Observers are just as welcome as challenge participants. Also, regardless of your skillset, if you think you have a great blockchain idea then come and pitch it to the contestants and a team just might want to work on your idea. The goal is to get as many people involved with blockchain as we can and spread the word about DCore, so the more attendees the better!
What can I expect in regard to the hackathon theme or challenge? Is it chosen by DECENT or by the community? The themes and challenges for our hackathons are influenced by a combination of sources. Our team at DECENT takes into consideration suggestions from the community, as well as their own ideas, and the themes from other hackathons that we sponsor in order to create the most impactful use cases for DCore.
How many people per team can compete in the hackathon? Teams can be anywhere from 1-4 people.
How do i join a team? Joining a team is easy. At the beginning of our hackathon events, each project will pitch their idea to the crowd and explain what positions are still open in their team. Just line up your skillset with the project that sounds most interesting to you and approach the team to join them. Of course teams sometimes fill up quick, so we encourage participants to be fast and proactive when selecting the project they want to work on.
I've never used DCore before, can I still compete in the hackathon? Yes! Having prior experience with DCore is a big advantage, but we have received feedback from previous participants that our blockchain is very easy to use, even for beginners. In addition, we have a training session at the beginning of the hackathon to help you get started and have on-sight developers to assist your team throughout the competition.
What do I need to bring? You don't need to bring much! If you are participating as part of a developer team and competing in the hackathon competition, we encourage you to bring your computer, including any developer software/hardware you need. Some pens and a notepad are useful as well. Other than that, just bring a positive attitude and your strong will to build the best blockchain project ever!
How can I nominate my city for the next hackathon? To nominate a city for our next hackathon, contact us via social media, telegram or send us an email at [email protected]cent.ch. We consider all community suggestions, so feel free to reach out to us anytime.
Where can I eat, drink and sleep? Food and beverages are always provided free of charge during our hackathon events. You can expect meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner while the hackathon is underway as well as snacks throughout the event. Sleeping areas are also provided so your team can re-energize anytime.
How much does it cost to participate? Entering as a participant in our hackathon challenges are free, however the price of admission to the event itself varies depending on the event. All information regarding costs will be publicly available at the time registration opens.
What are the prizes for winning the hackathon? The prizes for each hackathon may vary, but all 1st place winners receive a large amount of DCT and mentorship opportunities with our experienced DECENT developers in order to ensure their blockchain project has the best chance at success.