Our Team

Core Team
  • Matej Michalko

    Matej Michalko

    Founder, CEO

    Blockchain Pioneer. Matej’s interest in online privacy was fueled first while studying Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne where he completed a project implementing privacy protection for mobile devices at Nokia Research Center. Since 2011 he became extensively involved with Bitcoin. Mining at his own laptop in the beginning, later switching to GPUs and ASICs. He served as the CEO of many Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences in Austria, China, Belgium, UK (BitcoinExpo, Central European Bitcoin Expo, BTC2B Congress) and more. Matej founded the first Bitcoin Marketing agency in the world. He also founded the first Cryptocurrency e-Gaming Consulting Firm and served as a consultant in the Isle of Man. Matej is a regular speaker at major conferences about the immense potential and vertical integration of Blockchain Technologies into various industries. He now serves as CEO of DECENT and is on the mission to lead the redefinition of the internet enabled by DECENT Blockchain Network

  • Daniel Riddell

    Daniel Riddell


    Daniel Riddell currently serves as CTO of Kidoodle.TV, a global children's entertainment service, and President of ReacDev Studios Inc., a software company focused on developing enterprise-scale software and application solutions and has a goal of exposing the benefits of DECENT blockchain to companies and organizations globally.

    In the past he has successfully created and deployed cloud-based linear television broadcast solutions, asset management and encoding systems, schedule management and business management systems. He is skilled in data modelling, systems administration, systems architecture, network architecture and software programming/design. Daniel has helped to develop many global OTT platforms, which support a full range of OEM devices including delivery for mobile, set-top box and SmartTV. Daniel has spoken at significant industry events such as the Consumer Electronics Show, ConnectionsEU, and MetroOnline, and DECENT-Unchained on the topics of OTT monetization strategies, second screen content experiences, and the future of digital entertainment and blockchain. He has been an avid follower of blockchain technology since 2011 and is a supporter of its benefits to the media industry and society as a whole. A certified genius, Daniel is one of approximately 450 members of the GLIA society globally.

    In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, working on his sustainable off-grid farm, programming, practising amateur (HAM) radio (callsign VE6DRX) and spending time with his wife and family.

  • Wayman Kwan

    Wayman Kwan

    Founder, Non-Executive Director

    Wayman Kwan is a venture capital investor partner of Elements Capital LLC, USA. He was responsible for the business development, financing and promotional activities in several international companies. He founded a private information services team providing finance and investment advice to the companies around Asia and became a partner in Malaysian and Chinese Joint Venture. He is a well-recognized investment advisor and also participates in many other non-profit and charitable organizations such as Rotary International, Negeri Sembilan Royal Anti-drug Association and Malacca Shooting Association.

  • Xiaomin Wang

    Xiaomin Wang

    General Manager China, Board Member

    Xiaomin is an experienced lawyer, engineer and Blockchain expert, with 3+ years of experience in the industry. She was part of the organization team of BitcoinExpo Shanghai 2014, BTC2B Congress Brussels and BitcoinExpo London 2015. Xiaomin worked as assistant to judge at Guangzhou People’s Court, later she joined DyStar and China Zhonglun, specialized on Corporation Law and IP legal affairs. She is passionate about the potential of Blockchain Technologies and currently serves as General Manager of DECENT in China.

  • Choi Dong Seob

    Choi Dong Seob

    Community Manager

    DS CHOI has joined our marketing team for the Korean market. Before coming to DECENT, he was working for CO Dep. of Samsung Electronic Slovakia. He graduated from the University in South Korea with a degree in Civil engineering and studied in Tokyo, Japan for Computer design. Blockchain technology seemed especially interesting to him for its many egalitarian applications and its potential to change the world. He has been an active volunteer for the Korean Society of Slovakia for 5 years and enjoys playing tennis and golf. Also, he has published 4 magazines and a storybook about Slovakia in Korea. His lifelong goal is to make a playground in Slovakia, Japan, and Korea.

  • Tibor Tarabek

    Tibor Tarabek

    Site Manager

    Tibor has 27 years experience in the IT industry. He went through all the major technology milestones. Tibor worked in Microsoft in the 90s, founded and managed its subsidiary in Slovakia. In 2000, he moved to telco business and founded the very first alternative telco operator in Slovakia – eTel. He then headed the development of a complex information system for General Health Insurance company, mostly active in systems integration. Since 2008 Tibor has been active in the field of digital marketing – he founded the most successful digital agency in Slovakia – Zaraguza Digital. He also has experience in media business and was the former Director of Strategic Development and Technology in Slovak Radio and Television (RTVS). He is also active in the field of energy storage and software development.

  • Josef Sevcik

    Josef Sevcik

    Chief Architect

    After studying Business Administration in Seattle and Computer Science in Brno, Josef spent 14 years helping revolutionize the telecommunications industry (Ericsson, Siemens, LogicaCMG/Acision and more) by creating the Next Generation Network. During that time he was mainly engaged in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Currently he is focusing on creating Blockchain Technology that allows people to share content with no need of a middleman.

  • Dr. Christian de Vartavan

    Dr. Christian de Vartavan

    Head of Academic and Institutional Relations

    Christian de Vartavan, currently the Head of Academic Relations in DECENT, has a very rare parallel career in academia and the private sector. As a scientist, his work has been decisive or influential in many fields including standardization and the classification of sciences – the widely known Vartavan Library Classification (see Wikipedia) being an offshoot from it. He has been the author of many peer reviewed articles, several academic books – two of them landmarks or world reference - and the editor of several international academic journals. In 2014 the University of Oxford created a special archive to keep his scientific work, now part of the UK's national archive. As a PR and Communication specialist, his career started in 1992 in the French Ministry of Culture, continued in the industry and was also validated by the French Navy which he has represented in an international venue (2004). He has also acted as the Director of Communication and Vice President of a specialized concrete admixture company for several years. He is currently connected to several universities and two academies (Paris’ Académie des Sciences d’Outremer & Versailles) where, to his surprise, he arrived No. 2 in the elections of summer 2016 for a seat in the former. He is requested to postulate again in the forthcoming years.

  • Yuanchun Tan

    Yuanchun Tan


    After being engaged in brand promotion and related work for more than ten years, Yuanchun has unique insights and professional knowledge on brand management, public relations and marketing promotion accumulated from her practical experience. She has worked and participated in the entrepreneurial team of Tsinghua Tongfang, Youku, iQIYI and other well-known IT and Internet Video companies. Yuanchun enjoys travelling and reading in her spare time.

  • Linda Petrikova

    Linda Petrikova

    Head of PR

    Linda obtained her Masters degree in the field of Business and Marketing at the University of Economics in Bratislava while she was working at one of the leading banks in Slovakia, Tatra Banka. After more than five years of shaping the Marketing department at Nokia, Linda decided to travel and work on her personal development in India where she spent a couple of months and learned to facilitate active meditations. Back in the real world she took an opportunity to work for a local advertising company, Medias Media, as the Managing and Marketing Director until she got inspired by Blockchain Technology and DECENT.

  • Martin Kralik

    Martin Kralik

    Head of Product Management

    After years of shaping digital products for IBM and ESET, Martin decided to join DECENT. Martin is very motivated to work with the technology that can change the world (speaking of blockchain) and he plans to be in the front row when that happens. In his free time he likes to build web applications for SMB. You can spot Martin in the office throwing around the “always blue” ball, it seems that he is emotionally connected to it.

  • Tomas Koprusak

    Tomas Koprusak

    Product Manager

    Tomas started his career as a web developer with IBM. During his 5 years there, he moved from quality assurance to web production and ended with an executive lead position. After IBM, he moved to Sygic to work as an online marketing specialist but later move up to product manager for the Open Street Map project. His final step on the road to DECENT was at a small company called Clickbakers where he worked on a traffic distribution system for affiliates. Tomas is very interested in blockchain and is eager to be a part of the future.

  • Gabriel Brockman

    Gabriel Brockman

    Brand Manager

    For Gabriel’s resume, adding the title Copywriter makes 30 unique job titles. From Special Events Liaison for a craft brewer to Director of a Wakeboarding and Waterskiing summer program, Gabriel was able to flex his formidable communication skills. With jobs such as Fine Jewelry Designer or Cutler at a world renowned Sword Smithy, Gabriel honed his mechanical and artistic skills. Gabriel is no stranger to startups. He co-founded a small two man game-tech company back in 2011 and more recently he has been exploring the viability of a multiplayer-focused game studio based in Bratislava. Prior to joining DECENT Gabriel spent 3 years developing games for Pixel Federation SRO, so he is no stranger to technology. Having lived in Bratislava for almost 7 years it’s safe to say he is enjoying his time there, be it training with a local HEMA group, making games after hours or enjoying quality time with family.


  • Daniel Potter

    Daniel Potter

    Content Manager

    Daniel received his bachelor's degree in Sociology from Sonoma State University in California, USA. After University he began working at a law firm in San Diego. During this time he was recruited for a manager position at a prestigious drug and alcohol rehabilitation center where, for more than 4 years, he focused on personnel management and client relations.  Daniel has traveled extensively and visited more than 30 countries over the past 10 years. While traveling he started freelance content management for a few clients and pursued online marketing strategies including PPC advertisement.  Daniel’s deep interest in online marketing led him to discover Blockchain and become a member of the DECENT team.

  • Natalia Kmitova

    Natalia Kmitova

    Event Coordinator

    Natalia obtained her Master's degree in the field of Finance, Banking and Investment from the University of Economics in Bratislava. While she was studying she worked as a personal assistant for both the vice-president and the general director at one of Slovakia's biggest banks. After finishing her studies, she moved to the Corporate Banking Department, at Poštová banka to be an Analyst of corporate credit portfolios. Before joining the DECENT team as an event coordinator, she was working in the National Cancer Institute. Natalia likes paintings, sports, rock music, and meeting new people.

  • Maria Bucherova

    Maria Bucherova

    Marketing Analyst

    Maria obtained her Masters degree in the field of Business and Marketing at the University of Economics in Bratislava. After finishing her studies she started to work as a Securities Portfolio Manager in Postova Banka. Thanks to her passion for numbers, logical thinking, controlling, searching mistakes and solving problems she became a Manager of Monitoring and Evaluation at one of the Slovak Ministry. After more than 10 years work with Structural Funds she decided to join DECENT as Marketing Analyst to support the innovative project. Maria likes hiking, visiting castles, dancing and spending the time with her family.

  • Juraj Jurik

    Juraj Jurik

    Graphic Designer

    Juraj is an experienced UX, UI, Graphics Designer with 6 years working locally as well as freelancing. His biggest influences as a designer include Dieter Rams, Massimo Vignelli and Jonathan Ive. An avid photography enthusiast, Juraj enjoys good music, traveling and  movies that bend your perception of reality.

  • Adrian Pales

    Adrian Pales

    Community Manager

    Adrian has always had a fascination with the latest technologies and their never-ending progress. During high school he co-founded a startup company. Through it, he was exposed to many new concepts, blockchains being one of them. Immediately he felt compelled to dive head-first into world with all of his enthusiasm. Aside from all his technological passions, Adrian is a fan of muscle cars and good fun.


  • Di (Daisy) Zhang

    Di (Daisy) Zhang

    Community Manager China

    Daisy graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Marketing. As a Bilingual student of Sauder School of Business, she participated in various school activities in both English and French. From a young age, she has felt passionate about technology innovation. During her university life, she had an internship with Hewlett Packard as a UX designer. After graduation, she worked as a Business Analyst in the food industry. She has been an active volunteer for more than 7 years. Daisy enjoys snowboarding and hiking. Her lifelong goal is to live an active lifestyle.

  • David Martinec

    David Martinec

    Project Manager

    While finishing Business studies in Aalborg, Denmark, David worked as an intern in retail industry, helping with work in legal department taking care of property insurance. His interest in innovations led him to Blockchain, becoming a member of the DECENT team. He enjoys travelling and is a keen tennis fan.

  • Martin Hässler

    Martin Hässler

    Social Media Manager

    Martin studied at the Faculty of Management UK in Bratislava, finishing with a bachelor's degree. After undergrad, he continued his studies with a focus on marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at MUNI in Brno. He got involved in the world of startups thanks to a part-time job during his studies. Always interested in innovations, both in technology and marketing, he has made a great addition to DECENT team as a Social Media Manager.

  • Veronika Pilzova

    Veronika Pilzova

    Social Media Manager

    Veronika started in Decent as part time office assistant and she was absolutely amazed by the friendly and highly professional environment that led to the successful launch of Decent´s blockchain platform. Based on this experience she decided to take on the position of a community manager for the SophiaTX project. She studied Italian and literature in Bratislava, where participated in two separate exchange programs in one in Bologna and the other Padua. She is an incurable optimist always ready to work really hard because, as Dante Alighieri states: "The path to paradise begins in hell."

  • Zuzana Gonova

    Zuzana Gonova

    PR Manager

    Zuzana has joined our ICO department as a PR manager. Before DECENT she was working for the non state health care company, Pro Diagnostic Group, a.s. She was taking care of many projects so she is very good at managing and organizing. She studied in Trnava majoring in international relations and right after she finished her studies she started to work for PDG. Her passion is learning new things and organizing everything. She also likes running, cycling, travelling and reading.

  • Tomas Varga

    Tomas Varga

    Head of Strategy

    Tomas is an experienced business professional with a strong track record of projects in various industries. Having spent the last four years in Management Consulting at KPMG, Tomas has decided to join DECENT. He is responsible for business intelligence, development and partnership initiatives and focuses on exploring prospective applications of Blockchain technology across a variety of industries. He graduated with a degree in Economic Diplomacy and is an ACCA candidate. He is keen on running, skiing and wakeboarding.

  • Peter Student

    Peter Student

    Head of Software Development Team

    Peter has always been keen on cutting-edge technologies and working with the best people in the field. During his study of Software Engineering at the Slovak University of Technology he co-founded one of the very first online marketing agencies in Czech and Slovak Republic. Throughout his career he has been leading teams on various web based and mobile apps projects. Recently he was working as Head of Software Development for Thirtyseventy Digital where he was, with his team, responsible for delivering global IoT initiatives for companies such as Electrolux and AEG. He enjoys traveling, swimming, playing beach volleyball and table tennis.

  • Milan Franc

    Milan Franc

    Software Developer

    A professional programmer for more than 15 years, mostly in C/C++, Milan has worked on many diverse tasks, from developing an e-mail scanner for AVG Antivirus to building a system for automating warehouse functions for Gorenie/Sappi. When not glued to the computer, he spends his time with family, often enjoying the outdoors with some hiking or building LEGO creations with his son.

  • Matej Nemcek

    Matej Nemcek

    Software Developer

    Matej is autodidact and founder of Progressbar hackerspace in Bratislava. He was been around Bitcoin, since he organized few meetups in 2013 and began playing around with crypto-stack. Recently, he entered into industry of Ethereum smart contracts and started writing them for living. In addition to this, he is a backend engineer working in Node.js with outlook for new functional programming languages. He is amateur kitesurfer with plans to improve. Joining Decent is another challenge to keep trying new bleeding-edge technology.

  • Ronald Filo

    Ronald Filo

    Head of Research

    Rony joined our company to work as our API Consultant. He loves playing squash and chess. Having studied informatics at Comenius university he has 15 years of experience in a number of areas of the IT segment. He likes the higher level mysteries of mathematics and physics, and exploring the promise of new technologies like blockchain.

  • Peter Pongracz

    Peter Pongracz

    Business Development Manager

    Peter studied Business at the University of the West of England. He is a passionate business development guy with proven track record in a wide range of industries from Pharma, Venture Capital to Online Advertising. He first got introduced to Bitcoin/blockchain in 2012 and he has been involved with it ever since. His interest in DECENT has peaked after listening to Matej Michalko’s presentation at a conference. He enjoys traveling, yoga, spending time with his wife and dog, but most importantly feasting on good food and quality dry red.

  • Martin Kincek

    Martin Kincek


    Martin has been an IT enthusiast since childhood. After getting his first work experience in the field, wBM’s web department, he moved on to help shape and grow one of the first sporking for Iecialised data housing companies in Slovakia. He then went on to test his analytical and sales skills in the highly competitive world of real estate and after a successful period, he returned to his IT roots and began working for DECENT as analyst. He enjoys running, slack lining and trading. Martin has obtained his Master's degree in Management from the Comenius University in Bratislava.

  • Filip Tomaska

    Filip Tomaska

    Sales Specialist

    From very young age Filip was interested in innovations, technology and renewable resources of energy. During high school he co-founded his first technological startup and immediately fell in love with entrepreneurship and solving problems. Currently, he is attending the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Filip’s strengths are business development, sales and execution. He believes that blockchain is the new internet and want's to be a part of this revolution.

  • James Xu

    James Xu

    Business Development (China)

    James received his electronics bachelor degree from Wuhan University and MBA from Tsinghua University, And also had study experience about finance in Peking University and NEOMA business school. Focusing on fields of renewable energy, new material and internet technology, he worked as a senior executive for several Public Companies in Chinese Mainland and H.K, which make him acquire excellent experience in financing and oversea equity acquisition. He likes Travel, Sports and Social and has visited more 20 countries in the past 15 years. Always accepting new challenge and exploring unknown world, just to make life vivid, he is always On the Way. Join DECENT, use blockchain, and work with an outstanding team, to make digital revolution happen in traditional industry.

  • Denisa Hnatkovicova

    Denisa Hnatkovicova

    HR Assistant

    Denisa is still a student of psychology. Her work experience includes leading a modern dance group for 6 years. She also worked in clinical psychology as a care assistant for 2 years. After gaining  some experience her curiosity led her to start her career as a HR assistant. Denisa is keen on work psychology and  eager to use her knowledge and skills to  help make DECENT a top working environment. She enjoys dancing, swimming, learning to play on piano and spending her time by talking with friends over a fine cup of coffee.

  • Dr. Shirley Yeung

    Dr. Shirley Yeung

    Dr. Shirley Yeung is an Institute of Environment Management and Assessment (IEMA) approved Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner, RABQSA, ISO9000 Principal Auditor, US, IRCA ISO 9000 Auditor, UK, AQIP Assessor, US, HKCAAVQ Subject Specialist and Quality Management System (QMS) lead auditor of Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) of Hong Kong. In 2017, Dr. Yeung was one of the winners for The 2nd Global Young Leadership Award organized by Yazhou Zhoukan Magazine  (亞洲週刊) and awarded the SDSC Excellence in Teaching Award in 2015/16, organized by School of Decision Sciences (SDSC), Hang Seng Management College (HSMC). In 2014, Dr. Yeung was nominated by Nobel Prize Winner for Wenhui (文晖) Award for Educational Innovation, UNESCO, APEID. She has published around 80 journal/ conference papers with English and Chinese books available in Hong Kong and overseas.  Her expertise in Quality Management Systems (QMS), Sustainable Development (SD) / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Management and Marketing, and have led her to join the DECENT Team.

  • Alexandra Somodikova

    Alexandra Somodikova

    Office Manager

    Alexandra is an experienced office manager with more than 10 years of managerial experience from the IT industry. She held Executive Assistant and Office Manager positions in various IT companies. She is responsible for all office procedures, and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment. Alexandra holds a BSc in Social Pedagogics and MSc in Social Work.

  • Evandro Reis Matias

    Evandro Reis Matias

    South America

    At a young age, Evandro developed a passion for online gaming and has followed new products, games and innovative technologies ever since. His enthusiasm for technology led him to become involved in Bitcoin in 2012 and has recently been exploring the world of cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Evandro was a member of the first Brazilian cryptocurrency "SambaCoin" and is now an ambassador for DECENT in South America. When he isn't exploring new adaptations of innovative technologies, he spends time with his wife and 5-year-old son.

  • Patrik Csokas

    Patrik Csokas

    IT Manager

    After finishing his Masters degree at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Patrik began work in the fields of IT Management and Project Management. There, he picked up a lot about SW development lifecycles, and how to work together with SW developers while working for a number of companies, from both the US and EU. Over the last few years he has attained multiple internationally recognized certifications, such as Project Management Professional and Professional Scrum Master. In 2016 he joined the American-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce of New York to help companies grow their markets through networking. From fast bikes to flying gliders, Patrik, a real adrenalin junkie, can be found wherever the action is hot. It’s only fitting he should join the DECENT group, where he can be apart of one of the hottest new technologies out there.

  • Richard Roznovjak

    Richard Roznovjak

    Core Developer

    Richard studied Applied Mathematics at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. During his studies, he was mostly interested in graph theory. Richard joined DECENT shortly after his graduation. He has always been interested in new technologies, which includes innovative ways of thinking and new approaches to problem solving. As a developer, he is applying his experience to make a Blockchain enabled world a major success.

  • Peter Skvarka

    Peter Skvarka

    Core Developer

    Peter studied Electrical Faculty at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. He has spent twenty years in IT mainly in C/C++ software development focused on network applications, firewalls and security on Windows/Linux platforms (i.e. Kerio Technologies, Innovatrics, Eset). Currently he is focusing on Windows version of DECENT blockchain platform.

  • Alena Hupcejova

    Alena Hupcejova

    Technical Writer

    Alena came to DECENT to fill a much needed role as a technical writer. Previously she has worked as an Analyst with experience mainly in bank industry. She loves traveling to new cities and getting to know the cultures, languages and people there. You can find her volunteering in Slovak Civic Association Cestou Necestou, playing bass guitar, watching stand-up comedy. Living in Bratislava is perfect for Alena as she appreciates good street art and a nice yoga studio.

  • Tomas Matuch

    Tomas Matuch

    UX/UI Designer

    Tomas joined DECENT as a UI/UX Designer. He used to work for different advertisement agencies and lately for sli.do—Slovak startup based in Bratislava. His design career started in London about 7 years ago when he lived there for a couple of years. He found himself enjoying being creative, designing not only for digital agencies and gaming industry, but also improving interiors—designing furniture and painting walls. Since then his big passion is painting, usually done with spray cans on big canvases or walls.

  • Eva Almasiova

    Eva Almasiova

    Social Media and Community Manager

    Eva has a master’s degree in sales management. It was a program taught in French based on the cooperation between the University of Economics in Bratislava and the University of Pierre Mendes France in Grenoble. She spent one semester in Lyon through Erasmus. For 5 years Eva worked for the company Thirtyseventy a.s. in the project/ finance department. She recently came back from her working holiday trip in Australia and a road trip around New Zealand and the Philippines. Eva is a friendly and optimistic person who likes talking and meeting new people, which has led her to join DECENT's social media and community team. In her free time, she loves doing all kinds of sports, watching videos with dogs and cats, memes, board games, going to concerts and traveling to new places.

  • Zuzana Hribova

    Zuzana Hribova

    Office Assistant

    Zuzana graduated with a master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Agriculture in Nitra. She chose this specialization because her passion is nature, traveling and new technologies. Exploring new cultures helped her gain valuable personal and work experience. During her studies, she worked in the administrative and consulting field. Last year she used her knowledge as a quality manager and consultant for organic farming in the state sector.  She considers herself a positive, energetic person who enjoys and strives for personal and professional growth. For these reasons, she joined the DECENT team as an executive assistant.

  • Amer Owaida

    Amer Owaida


    At university Amer studied translation and interpretation, obtaining a master’s degree in the field. While there, he participated in an English theatre troupe, developing his presentation skills. During his free time, he dabbles in stand up comedy and enjoys reading and traveling. His interest in the field of technology and knack for creative work, make him a valuable addition to DECENT.  

  • Miroslav Majtaz

    Miroslav Majtaz

    Product Manager

    Miro has played an active part in the tech industry for more than 11 years. He has filled various roles in ESET, completing his 6-year journey there as a Product Manager for Mobile Security. After that, at Sygic, he was in charge of the development of Sygic Maps & Navigation app which helps millions of people safely navigate their way from one destination to another. Miro is passionate about technology, security, great user experience, and recently, blockchain. He's joined DECENT to help shape the future with DCore's blockchain.

  • Gabriel Malicky

    Gabriel Malicky

    QA Engineer/Analyst

    After finishing his master's degree in radio electronics and exploring a career in wireless technology development, Gabriel decided to expand his knowledge to include IT. He gained experience in backend and mobile app testing, providing support for Internet of Things applications in 3070 Digital. Now, his interest in cryptography and security brought him to work for DECENT as a QA Analyst. He likes to spend his free time exploring new places, geocaching, reading a good book or trying to solve difficult escape rooms.

  • Marian Vanderka

    Marian Vanderka

    Android Developer

    Marian Vanderka is an android developer who partners with unique software companies to deliver state of the art mobile applications. Marian believes in learning, experimenting and discovering new ways of dealing with problems, which allows him to keep up with the cutting edge of current technology. After spending a decade developing various applications for companies and startups, Marian has grown to a valuable asset with multidisciplinary software skills.

  • Mo Alakiu Ajibola

    Mo Alakiu Ajibola


    Mo Alakiu Ajibola graduated from Birkbeck college, University of London, where she obtained a BSc in Financial Economics, a MSc in International Business, and a national prize for the best performance in Corporate Intelligence and Strategic Marketing on her M.Sc. for the year 1999/2000, the prize was awarded by Worshipful Company of Marketors. After graduation, Mo launched her career as a software test analyst and after several years, became a programme test manager. She has managed several test projects and has worked as a consultant across different industries. In between contracting, Mo founded an IT training school in the city of London called E-smartest, were she trained others in the evenings and over the weekends in software testing and Prince2 methodology.  She is also a foodist, she ran a catering service called Healthy Wok in Lagos, Nigeria, promoting healthy eating and she was able to get celebrities to lend their voices to the cause. Aside from being a foodist, Mo is a property consultant, she trades in crypto currencies and she is extremely passionate about blockchain and the opportunities it offers.

  • Vilmond Jacques

    Vilmond Jacques

    United States & Caribbean

    Passionate Electrical Engineer with in depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency world, who is very passionate about Blockchain technology and its decentralized approach.

  • Weiwu Zhang

    Weiwu Zhang


    Since 2011 Zhang Weiwu’s endeavor includes automatic trading, arbitrage and policy study. He is an entrepreneur and a Bitcoin columnist, often regarded as the most insightful voice about China. He believes Bitcoin is the most important internet innovation of the decade. Before entering Bitcoin industry he worked as a professional product manager, CEO and IT consultant. Currently he lives in Australia.


  • Frantisek Borsik

    Frantisek Borsik


    Marketing, connecting people, helping startups + SME (w/ marketing, business dev) & learning as never-ending story. Blockchain & FREEDOM enthusiast.

  • Marek Zamecnik

    Marek Zamecnik


    Prior to co-founding of 0100 Ventures, Marek was active in a VC firm – Nova Founders Capital in Southeast Asia where he was responsible for venture development. While at Nova Founders he also organized the largest private equity conference in Switzerland. During his academic years he finished 2nd in the world in global startup competition. Marek studied at various universities in four different countries such as the University of Manchester, Copenhagen Business School, Oxford Brookes University, or Université Paris Dauphine.

  • Dr. Marian Podmajersky

    Dr. Marian Podmajersky


    Marian's first IT endeavours began in second grade when he started programming in Pascal, Basic and Borland C. As a teenager, he built and repaired custom PC setups and reinstalled Windows. Next, he worked as a freelancer in PHP, e.g. captcha library, small CRM systems. Afterwards, he worked as a tester for telecommunication SW used for securing business road-warriors for Swiss Telecom, in Whitestein company. During his Masters and PhD program, he conducted research in 4 Universities: mainly in Slovak University of Technology, ENSIC INPL in Nancy (MSc), EPFL in Lausanne (PhD) and McMaster in Hamilton (PhD). He focused on scientific research for the development of solver for model-based dynamic optimisation that is able to optimise chemical processes, in real-time. The solver comprises a self-learning parameter estimation/correction of a nominal model, on the outer loop, and real-time control correction, on the inner loop. While the former could be a non-deterministic method, e.g.: neural-network, fuzzy-logic, PID controller, the later could be a deterministic method, e.g.: neighbouring extrema. Later, Marian developed communication drivers, animated visualisations, connectors between SQL and smart meters. As SW designer/developer, he ran into Blockchain technology by working on several projects that required security, distribution and redundancy of data. Since then, he worked on concept proofing, mining on multi-GPU setups and on further exploration of blockchain technology.

  • Andrew Wagner

    Andrew Wagner


    Andrew got his start in the Bitcoin industry by convincing local businesses in Vancouver to adopt it for payment. He was a co-founder of the Bitcoin Co-op, for whom he signed up numerous business to accept Bitcoin including the world’s first Indian restaurant, the cafe where the world’s first Bitcoin ATM was launched, and many more. Even his Bitcoin tattoo is paid for with BTC! He later went on to found CoinFest, the world’s first decentralized and open source convention about cryptocurrency. Following its success, he became a notable writer in the crypto community, and is an educator at Meet Ups, conferences, and even government workshops! He now travels the world spreading the word of Satoshi.

  • Alona Sklarevica

    Alona Sklarevica


    Spreading the word about decentralised web platform DECENT, building a stable community and assisting at conferences, meetups and beyond.


  • Johannes S. Benjamin Gnad

    Johannes S. Benjamin Gnad

    Germany, Switzerland, Austria

    Benjamin studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen and has worked in early-stage venture capital investment since. He is passionate about broadening his horizon not only in the cryptocurrency world, but also regarding other blockchain use cases and their corresponding social impact. Benjamin is currently involved in blockchain technologies from an investment perspective for the early-stage investor btov Partners and also to spread the word about DECENT in the German blockchain community, particularly Berlin.