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Core Team
  • Matej Michalko

    Matej Michalko

    Founder, CEO

    Blockchain Pioneer. Matej’s interest in online privacy was fueled first while studying Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne where he completed a project implementing privacy protection of mobile devices at Nokia Research Center. Since 2011 he became extensively involved with Bitcoin. Mining at his own laptop in the beginning, later switching to GPUs and ASICs. He served as the CEO of many Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences in Austria, China, Belgium, UK (BitcoinExpo, Central European Bitcoin Expo, BTC2B Congress) and more. Matej founded the first Bitcoin Marketing agency in the world. He also founded the first Cryptocurrency e-Gaming Consulting Firm and served as a consultant in the Isle of Man. Matej is a regular speaker at major conferences about the immense potential and vertical integration of Blockchain Technologies into various industries. He now serves as CEO of DECENT and Chairman of the Board of Blockchain R&D Hub, and is on the mission to lead the redefinition of the internet enabled by DECENT Blockchain Network.

  • Matej Boda

    Matej Boda

    Founder, CMO

    Matej was always interested in new technologies and future progress. During his studies at the Technical University in Bratislava he took an internship in BMW Munich as a technical concept creator. Although his background is in applied mechanics, he became involved in Blockchain Technologies in 2013. Fascinated by the decentralized protocols, he was interested in the cryptocurrency mining at first. Since then he has supported the community by helping to organize events such as Central European Bitcoin Expo Vienna and BTC2B Congress, advising on mining technologies and discussing future possibilities for blockchain.

  • Wayman Kwan

    Wayman Kwan

    Founder, Non-Executive Director

    Wayman Kwan is a venture capital investor partner of Elements Capital LLC, USA. He was responsible for the business development, financing and promotional activities in several international companies. He founded a private information services team providing finance and investment advice to the companies around Asia and became a partner in Malaysian and Chinese Joint Venture. He is a well-recognized investment advisor and also participates in many other non-profit and charitable organizations such as Rotary International, Negeri Sembilan Royal Anti-drug Association and Malacca Shooting Association.

  • Josef Sevcik

    Josef Sevcik

    Chief Architect

    After studying Business Administration in Seattle and Computer Science in Brno, Josef has spent 14 years in the telecommunication industry and helped revolutionize the telecommunications industry (Ericsson, Siemens, LogicaCMG/Acision and more) by creating the Next generations Networks. During that time he was mainly engaged in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Currently he is focusing on creating Blockchain Technology that allows people share content with no need of middleman.

  • Xiaomin Wang

    Xiaomin Wang

    General Manager China

    Xiaomin is an experienced lawyer, engineer and Blockchain expert, with 3+ years of experience in the industry. She was part of the organization team of BitcoinExpo Shanghai 2014, BTC2B Congress Brussels and BitcoinExpo London 2015. Xiaomin worked as assistant to judge at Guangzhou People’s Court, later she joined DyStar and China Zhonglun, specialized on Corporation Law and IP legal affairs. She is passionate about the potential of Blockchain Technologies and currently serves as General Manager of DECENT in China.

  • Tibor Tarabek

    Tibor Tarabek


    Tibor is experienced 27 years in the IT industry. Went through all the major technology milestones. Worked in Microsoft in the 90s, founded and managed its subsidiary in Slovakia. Moved to telco business in 2000 to found the very first alternative telco operator in Slovakia – eTel. He then headed the development of Complex information system of General Health Insurance company, mostly active in systems integration. Since 2008 active in the field of digital marketing – founded the most successful digital agency in Slovakia – Zaraguza Digital. Also has experience in media business – used to be the Director of Strategic Development and Technology in Slovak Radio and Television (RTVS). Active also in the field of energy storage and software development for its management.

  • Linda Petrikova

    Linda Petrikova

    Head of PR

    Linda obtained her Master degree in the field of Business and Marketing at the University of Economics in Bratislava while she was working at a leading bank Tatra banka. After over five years of shaping the Marketing department at Nokia, Linda decided to travel and work on her personal development in India where she spent couple of months and she learned to facilitate active meditations. Back in the real world she took an opportunity to work for a local advertising company medias media as Managing and Marketing Director until she got inspired by Blockchain Technology and DECENT.

  • Mo Alakiu Ajibola

    Mo Alakiu Ajibola


    Mo Alakiu Ajibola graduated from Birkbeck college, University of London, where she obtained a BSc in Financial Economics, a MSc in International Business, and a national prize for the best performance in Corporate Intelligence and Strategic Marketing on her M.Sc. for the year 1999/2000, the prize was awarded by Worshipful Company of Marketors. After graduation, Mo launched her career as a software test analyst and after several years, became a programme test manager. She has managed several test projects and has worked as a consultant across different industries. In between contracting, Mo founded an IT training school in the city of London called E-smartest, were she trained others in the evenings and over the weekends in software testing and Prince2 methodology.  She is also a foodist, she ran a catering service called Healthy Wok in Lagos, Nigeria, promoting healthy eating and she was able to get celebrities to lend their voices to the cause. Aside from being a foodist, Mo is a property consultant, she trades in crypto currencies and she is extremely passionate about blockchain and the opportunities it offers.

  • Narek Kostanyan

    Narek Kostanyan


    Social entrepreneur and senior software engineer with many years of experience working in international organisations and start-up businesses in Europe. Research and development interest in closed/decentralised/federated social networks, collective decision making systems, transparent and accountable financing and community exchange frameworks. Specialised in social mobile app development. Introducing the DECENT platform to different expert collectives and solutionaries building new platforms for global social innovation and sustainable social changes.

  • Peter Dendis

    Peter Dendis

    Head of Marketing

    Peter attended Comenius University in Bratislava where he studied management. After 10 year experience as a CEO of online marketing agency Tarantula, he became a performance online marketing. During that time, he worked on a mobile affiliate network and automation of Google AdWords utilizing Machine Learning. He’s been a part of the Slovak Startup scene since its inception and became 2-time winner of Startup Weekend in Bratislava. He helped to organize the first Slovak co-working space for startups, The Spot. Peter also co-founded an NGO Slovak STARTUP which seeks to promote Slovak startups abroad. Thanks to his everlasting enthusiasm for world-changing technologies, he joined the DECENT Team.

  • Vilmond Jacques

    Vilmond Jacques

    United States & Caribbean

    Passionate Electrical Engineer with in depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency world, who is very passionate about Blockchain technology and its decentralized approach.

  • Dr. Christian de Vartavan

    Dr. Christian de Vartavan

    Head of Academic Relations

    Christian de Vartavan, currently Head of Academic Relations in Decent, has a very rare parallel career in academia and the private sector. As a scientist, his work has been decisive or influential in many fields including standardization and the classification of sciences – the widely known Vartavan Library Classification (see Wikipedia) being an offshoot from it. He has been the author of many peer reviewed articles, several academic books – two of them landmarks or world reference - and the editor of several international academic journals. In 2014 the University of Oxford created a special archive to keep his scientific work, now part of the UK's national archive.As a PR and Communication specialist, his career started in 1992 in the French Ministry of Culture, continued in the industry and was also validated by the French Navy which he has represented in an international venue (2004). He has also acted as the Director of Communication and Vice President of a specialized concrete admixture company for several years. He is currently connected to several universities and two academies (Paris’ Académie des Sciences d’Outremer & Versailles) where to his surprise he arrived No. 2 in the elections of summer 2016 for a seat in the former. He is requested to postulate again in the forthcoming years.

  • Mane Melikyan

    Mane Melikyan

    Head of Projects

    Mane graduated from Moscow State University and has a sophisticated background with experience in managing various cross country projects in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia. She has a solid competency in marketing, project management, pr, media and communications spanning a career period of over 15 years. Mane prides herself to have a global mindset and is committed to constant professional development and life-long learning. Founder and managing partner at hi communications agency.

  • Martin Smolka

    Martin Smolka

    Head of Product Development

    Martin is a big ice hockey lover and business professional with history of delivering projects and goals. After over seven years in Digital and SW development in various companies e.g. Avast, AVG and General Motors, he got engaged by DECENT. Martin has one dog and his credo is: “Never give up, it is such a wonderful life “.

  • Sandra Wantrubova

    Sandra Wantrubova

    Community Manager

    After finishing her studies of English and Mass-media Communication, Sandra started to work in online marketing. Thanks to her passion for creativity she became a Social Media Specialist in an international fashion e-commerce company. Sandra was always impressed with new ways people can express themselves. Based on her own interest in creative writing and world of art she joined DECENT later on, to support the innovative project that has the potential to change the way people share their works across the world.

  • Jana Bodova

    Jana Bodova


    Throughout 2014 she helped to organize successful cryptocurrency conferences in Vienna, Shanghai and Brussels. Those events allowed her to learn about many Blockchain projects and know interesting people in the industry, and finally led to her join the team behind DECENT. After gaining her MSc in Work Psychology, Jana took some time off to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Although her work experience was in human resources, she was quickly taken by Blockchain Technology.


  • Alexandra Somodikova

    Alexandra Somodikova

    Office Manager

    Experienced IT manager. Alexandra has 10+ years of managerial experience from IT industry. She held Executive Assistant and Office Manager positions in various IT companies. She is responsible for all office procedures, and uses her organizational skills to ensure smooth operations in a busy work environment. Alexandra holds a BSc in Social Pedagogics and MSc in Social Work.


  • Anatoly Ressin

    Anatoly Ressin

    Core Developer

    Anatoly has rich programming and educational background. He taught a bunch of CS disciplines: FP, Logical Programming, Abstract Algebra and Compiler Design at Transport & Telecommunication Institute of Latvia. He is an expert in Discrete Optimisation and Heuristics Construction. Anatoly believes that Blockchain Technologies will change the way how we are thinking about digital entities, and this transformation will be full of discoveries and inventions.

  • Richard Roznovjak

    Richard Roznovjak

    Core Developer

    Richard studied Applied Mathematics at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. During his studies, he was mostly interested in graph theory. Richard has joined DECENT shortly after his graduation. He has always been interested in new technologies, which includes innovative ways of thinking and new approaches to problem solving. As a developer, he is applying his experience to make Blockchain enabled world a major success.

  • Dr. Davit Kalantaryan

    Dr. Davit Kalantaryan

    Core Developer

    Davit has vast programming, development and team-lead experience, and knowledge of multiple programming languages and environments.
    He Worked at PSI (Switzerland), JINR (Russia), DESY (Deutsches Elektron-Synchrotron, Germany), various scientific institutions and tech-companies (Armenia).
    Developed a scientific software for simulations and calculations, created a grid system at JINR for making cumbersome calculation devoted to NICA project parallel, developed a device control software for accelerators, to name a few.
    David co-authored a universal LINUX PCIe driver for MTCA. His PhD thesis was addressing: “The Electrodynamic Problems of Electron Beam Loaded Systems”.

  • Vazgen Manukyan

    Vazgen Manukyan

    Core Developer

    Vazgen brings-in a strong knowledge of PHP, Java, C++ and other technologies as well as vast experience in building numerous web and client-server applications for clients like Johnson&Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, TNO, Quality of Life, and Bayer Healthcare.  He also has considerable experience in digital processing of random signals. Vazgen’s knowledge and experience in leading diverse teams in various locations and time-zones is helping streamline our international team working on DECENT’s core platform. He has Masters degree in Radiophysics.


  • Dr. Tigran Ghahramanyan

    Dr. Tigran Ghahramanyan

    Core Developer

  • Denis Glazachev

    Denis Glazachev

    Core Developer

    Being primarily C++ programmer on high load oriented, low latency, and distributed systems, he has a broad knowledge and familiarity with various operating systems, different programming languages and environments, as well as strong computer networking background. Denis worked as Software Engineer, Network Engineer and Researcher in OneMarketData, Computer Modelling Lab and FiberNet Communication (acquired by ADC, Armenian Datacom Company CJSC). He holds a Msc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.


  • Hayk Hayotsyan

    Hayk Hayotsyan

    Core Developer

    Hayk is an experienced developer who has spent significant time working with complex, multi-component, cross-platform tools. Hayk has strong knowledge of C++, Javascript and web technologies.
    He worked in NY hedge fund as a developer responsible for communication with exchange servers.
    He has considerable experience of working with low latency and high throughput systems. He holds a graduate degree in Microelectronics.

  • Gagik Yeghiazarian

    Gagik Yeghiazarian


    ICT/hi-tech startups, consulting, publishing and media communication. Worked at Andersen Russia and CIS. Initiator and the first CEO of the Armenian Development Agency. Founder and investor in several companies operating across CIS and North America. Harvard graduate.

  • Arman Aleksanian

    Arman Aleksanian


    Media communication, digital production and software development, with strict focus and specialization on internet solutions. Founder and member of the board of several companies operating across EU and CIS. MSF, CEO of ArattaUna since 2001 and CEO of Aegis Media Armenia for the past 6 years.


  • Arutyun Pogosyan

    Arutyun Pogosyan


    Media, publishing, advertising. Founder, investor, member of the Board of several companies operating across Europe, North America and CIS. Member of YPO.

  • Weiwu Zhang

    Weiwu Zhang


    Since 2011 Zhang Weiwu’s endeavor includes automatic trading, arbitrage and policy study. He is an entrepreneur and a Bitcoin columnist, often regarded as the most insightful voice about China. He believes Bitcoin is the most important internet innovation of the decade. Before entering Bitcoin industry he worked as a professional product manager, CEO and IT consultant. Currently he lives in Australia.


  • Frantisek Borsik

    Frantisek Borsik


    Marketing, connecting people, helping startups + SME (w/ marketing, business dev) & learning as never-ending story. Blockchain & FREEDOM enthusiast.

  • Marek Zamecnik

    Marek Zamecnik


    Prior to co-founding of 0100 Ventures, Marek was active in a VC firm – Nova Founders Capital in Southeast Asia where he was responsible for venture development. While at Nova Founders he also organized the largest private equity conference in Switzerland. During his academic years he finished 2nd in the world in global startup competition. Marek studied at various universities in four different countries such as the University of Manchester, Copenhagen Business School, Oxford Brookes University, or Université Paris Dauphine.

  • Andrew Wagner

    Andrew Wagner


    Andrew got his start in the Bitcoin industry by convincing local businesses in Vancouver to adopt it for payment. He was a co-founder of the Bitcoin Co-op, for whom he signed up numerous business to accept Bitcoin including the world’s first Indian restaurant, the cafe where the world’s first Bitcoin ATM was launched, and many more. Even his Bitcoin tattoo is paid for with BTC! He later went on to found CoinFest, the world’s first decentralized and open source convention about cryptocurrency. Following its success, he became a notable writer in the crypto community, and is an educator at Meet Ups, conferences, and even government workshops! He now travels the world spreading the word of Satoshi.

  • Alona Sklarevica

    Alona Sklarevica


    Spreading the word about decentralised web platform DECENT, building a stable community and assisting at conferences, meetups and beyond.


  • Peter Skvarka

    Peter Skvarka

    Core Developer

    Peter studied Electrical Faculty at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. He has spent twenty years in IT mainly in C/C++ software development focused on network applications, firewalls and security on Windows/Linux platforms (i.e. Kerio Technologies, Innovatrics, Eset). Currently he is focusing on Windows version of DECENT blockchain platform.

  • Johannes S. Benjamin Gnad

    Johannes S. Benjamin Gnad

    Germany, Switzerland, Austria

    Benjamin studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen and has worked in early-stage venture capital investment since. He is passionate about broadening his horizon not only in the cryptocurrency world, but also regarding other blockchain use cases and their corresponding social impact. Benjamin is currently involved in blockchain technologies from an investment perspective for the early-stage investor btov Partners and also to spread the word about DECENT in the German blockchain community, particularly Berlin.