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scalable Scalable and Customizable

Unlimited possible blockchain features can be integrated to DCore, transaction fee and block generation interval are customizable. With native integration of file sharing system IPFS and CDN, DCore enables large file storage and distribution.

scalable Easy To Build On

API documentation, SDK, guides and descriptions make it even easier for developers and companies to realize their blockchain ideas into real-world applications.

scalable Fast, Secure and Stable Currently achieving speeds of 2,000+ transactions per second, DCore has continued to deliver stable and bug-free performance since June 30, 2017. Due to the decentralized principle of our DPoS consensus model, DCore does not have a single point of failure, making it extremely secure from malicious acts.
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Our Explorer Search through all transactions, blocks and accounts recorded on the DCore blockchain.
Our Voting Tool Each DCT holder can participate and influence the network by voting for network miners—witnesses.
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  • icon Custom Tokens
  • icon Revenue Sharing
  • icon Large File Transactions
  • icon Timestamped Messages
  • icon Decentralized Publishing
  • icon Rating System
  • icon Instant Transactions
  • icon Combining Components

Watch & Learn

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DCore Use Cases

DCore is a versatile blockchain platform offering unique features which can be applied to many different industries. Some real-world use-cases where DCore proves beneficial include:

  • Digital Content Distribution
  • Ticketing
  • Gaming and eSports
  • Data Tracking and Audit
  • Crowdfunding and Micro-Funding to Raise Capital
  • Compliance & Certification
  • Smart Energy

DCore Projects

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