About Our Team

The DECENT team has members from all over the world, with offices in Europe, Asia, and North America. Our culture is based on a start-up spirit with a flat management structure and great opportunities to grow.

Core Team

Our core team of experienced and knowledgable blockchain leaders are dedicated to making DECENT's advanced blockchain ecosystem the optimal choice for any project or business looking for a decentralized future.
Matej Michalko Founder, CEO & President
Wayman Kwan Founder, Non-Executive Director
Xiaomin Wang Board Member


Our mission requires a global presence. Our ambassadors help DECENT expand our reach to every corner of the globe through community hosted events, projects and meet-ups.
Evandro Reis Matias South America
Alona Sklarevica Latvia
Vilmond Jacques United States & Caribbean
Andrew Wagner Canada
Mo Alakiu Ajibola Africa
Johannes S. Benjamin Gnad Germany, Switzerland, Austria