API Consultant

The API Consultant will be responsible for showing potential and existing DECENT customers what their product or our joint product is capable of on our blockchain network and how it can be used for their benefit. He/she must be able to analyze and identify hidden or unused potential in customer’s product as well as highlight opportunities for optimization or improvement in such products. With a complete understanding of our blockchain network API, he/she will be able to provide the necessary information to customers or partners to convince them of the potential our platform offers.

Full Time
from 2 000 EUR/month (gross)

Communication with partners and clients
Creating technical solutions according to demands
Coordination with DCore Architect


  • In order to be able to provide the proper technology for a client’s needs, it is prefered that the API Consultant have a solid understanding of programming languages, primarily, the ones used for web applications and mobile development. General knowledge of which language is used for what and the solutions each one offers is necessary, but practical application of programming is not required
  • A mandatory condition is to understand the principles of blockchain technology
  • Also should be able to understand the API and SDK architecture
  • This position will demand international travel, mostly USA, EU and China



Must have:

  • Demonstrate good understanding of blockchain fundamentals
  • Basic understanding of cryptography
  • Good communication and presentation skills

Nice to have:

  • 5+ years of experience with software development on any platform
  • Understanding the technology of Smart Contracts and Consensus Algorithms
  • Experience with IPFS


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