Winter Recap

March 09, 2020

The winter chill is almost fully conquered by the cheerful spring weather! Our gloves are off, fluffy coats now obsolete, and here we are to bring you the latest news on all things DECENT. There’s been a lot of positive traction that came our way in the last quarter, so let’s jump right into our Winter Recap for December, January, and February.

The First Official BCOE Summit 🥳

Back in August, we were excited to announce the plans to launch the China-CEEC Blockchain Centre of Excellence—the leading R&I institute for promulgating blockchain innovations across the renowned “17+1” initiative. The first ceremony was conducted in China, with several prominent figures attending to teach the public about the true values of blockchain.

On December 13, we hosted the first official BCOE summit in Bratislava. The summit was participated in by many eminent speakers, the likes of Mr. Richard Raši, Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Information of the Slovak Republic; H.E. Mr. Dušan Matulay, National Coordinator of the 17+1 initiative, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic; H.E. Mrs. Huo Yuzhen, Special Representative for 17+1 Cooperation Mechanism from China; and our very own CEO and Founder of DECENT, Matej Michalko.

First official BCOE summit in Bratislava

Matej Michalko, Huo Yuzhen and Michal Geci at 1st BCOE summit

Examined were the core aspects pertinent to identifying outbound & inbound opportunities and challenges for innovations, presenting feasible uses of blockchain applications, and, most importantly, featured the signing of the MoUs not only between selected Slovak and Chinese partners but also various remarkable companies and academics.

Remember our cooperation, along with our partners from 3IPK, with Slovakia’s best chocolate makers, Lyra Chocolate? To ease off the “ceremonious” side of things, we invited our partners to join us in experiencing authentic Slovak chocolate flavors for themselves. The flavory excursion took place in Ivanka pri Nitre, where Lyra’s vast array of chocolate products is manufactured. 

Tech-Heavy Interviews 🎤

Tremendous news! A Slovak tech magazine by the name of TechBox has selected Matej to be featured as the face of their latest magazine publication. In the interview, Matej talked about the history of founding his company from scratch, all the ups and downs he encountered and pulled through along the way, and he also gave valuable tips and tricks for those who want to delve into the world of blockchain.

In December, Matej was also approached by one of the largest media outlets in Slovakia, Startitup, which places a heavy focus on—you guessed it—startups. In the article, Matej reveals the impetus that has led him to establish his very own blockchain company, what linkage there is between DECENT and Netflix, and gives a few inside tips for all blockchain beginners. 

Check out the article here! (The article is in Slovak, however, so we recommend using an online translation tool.)

Last but not least, our Partnership & Marketing Manager at DECENT, Ashley Reeves, talked about the benefits of blockchain applications, what cash-related conundrums can ALAX help to solve for Asian inhabitants as well as game creators, and expanded on the current vision of our company. 

Check out the article here! (The article is in Chinese, however, so we recommend using an online translation tool.)

Ashley Reeves

Ashley Reeves, Partnership & Marketing Manager at DECENT

New Products, New Prospects 🎲

The D’s and B’s are in the house! The past three months have been, quite literally, “productive.” We introduced two innovative blockchain applications, sensibly named DPoll and BFair, focused on local polling and casino legitimacy check, respectively.

DPoll is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to create and run surveys localized to your own neighborhood, street, district or the whole city in just a few clicks. With features such as ID-verified profiles, audience base narrowing, immediate feedback on topics of interest, and response authenticity, you’ll be sure to see changes get made in your vicinity in no time!

Our second latest product, BFair, is of a different strip(e). Ever wondered what steps have to be taken to increase the authenticity of an online casino? BFair was developed exclusively for online casinos, ensuring indisputable authenticity of all randomly generated spins, dice rolls, and card shuffles. No longer do your customers need to wonder whether the game is fair or not—our blockchain guarantees absolute trustworthiness.

Speaking of D’s, our IP protection-focused product, Digital Proof, has dipped its feet into our local market in Slovakia. Here, it has successfully attracted the attention of several legal experts who are strongly praising our innovative tool. The vision, of course, is to continually spread awareness about Digital Proof to other countries, as well. Stay tuned!

Words to Live By 🗣

The last couple of months have been a non-stop succession of blockchain developments. The technology is slowly but steadily making its presence known among the general public, and we’re sure to see many positive impacts the technology shall offer in days to come. We work hard to make sure to spread this message to the outer world, and we’re excited for the day when blockchain finally helps the world to reap the rewards of its efforts.