Why is ALAX good for DCT?

April 25, 2018

ALAX just wrapped up their TGE (ended on April 23, at 10:30 AM UTC), and we’d like to take the time to explore what kind of impact ALAX could have on our own token, DCT.

What is ALAX?

As some of you already know, ALAX is a new blockchain marketplace and app store for mobile devices. ALAX comes out of the joint venture between DECENT and Dragonfly giving access to a blockchain powered app store for millions of mobile users and will be a stock application for some phone manufacturers coming out of Asia.

ALAX will run on the DCore platform which optimizes DPoS blockchain performance by offering extremely fast transactions speeds (more than 2,000 tps), quick blocktimes (a new block every 5 seconds), and an impressive list of specialized components built into its architecture. ALAX uses DCore’s custom token component to create ALX and ALA tokens, the later to be used in the app store for all transactions in the marketplace.

What about DCT?

Well, DCT is the fuel that runs the DCore platform and any application built on it uses DCT to pay miners for maintaining the blockchain network. Transactions on the platform are coded into blocks. Each block must be verified by a delegated miner before the block can be added to the blockchain. Our miners have to have their DCore node running 24/7 with a high speed connection. To compensate them for their service they receive DCT as block rewards.

How does DCT benefit from ALAX?

It’s as simple as this: The influx of users from ALAX creates a boost contributing to the network effect for the DCore platform. The more transactions on the DCore platform, the more DCT is used, creating a higher demand for DCT. ALAX’s tremendous exposure in the mobile game market, more than 100 Million monthly active users, will surely give reason to keep an eye on DCT!

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