Where will DECENT take us in 2018?

January 31, 2018

Hello, DECENT Community! This is the update you’ve all been waiting for! Our 2018 Roadmap is here, we’ve got some exciting new developments, we are announcing some changes, launching new products and even building new websites. The team here has been very busy and now it’s time to share with you all the stuff we have been working on and where we hope to take things moving forward!

Starting off the year with a product shift, we have discontinued content distribution on DGo. Since its release in June of 2017, we were able to collect invaluable feedback from our beta users, as well as input from our community and advisory board. DGo beta drew attention from major industries and introduced some incredible opportunities. It was clearly time to refocus and Matej Boda, along with a dedicated team, will be leading this initiative.

I’m sure you’re wondering what will happen to your DGo account and especially the associated DCT wallet in the midst of all this? Rest assured, all of that will remain untouched and the DGo wallet will be fully functional throughout this process, ensuring that you always have easy access and your DCT is securely protected. DGo will also continue to allow new users to register for an account. It remains the easiest and fastest way to get started with DCT, and the only way to register for free. (The transaction for registration is paid by DECENT.)

That’s about all that needs to be said regarding DGo at this time. This roadmap will focus on our blockchain technology, which we’ve aptly named DCore, since it’s literally the core of our company. DCore is a platform, not only for content distribution but for a wide range of use cases. Since our technology is open-source, developers and companies can use DCore for their projects, making the list of use cases essentially endless.

Being open source, anyone can build on DCore and we have seen evidence that there are others interested in building their DApps on our technology. While we may not have any affiliation with some of these projects, we have established a number of close partnerships with others. Along with a handful of potential partners, there are currently two partners building directly on DCore. The first of which, to be announced this quarter, will use DCore for payment processing and digital content distribution. The other, also TBA, will be working on digital distribution for film in the USA. We should have more information on these projects ridiculously soon but as these are external entities, we will have to wait for them to publish before we can share it with you.

Further down the timeline, in Q2 of 2018, we will release an enhanced version of our knowledge-base and API documentation. DCore is a blockchain that is incredibly efficient and flexible, making it easier to implement is our top priority. Throughout the coming months we will be conducting usability surveys and meeting with our users to make sure we deliver a platform that really is easy to build on.

Things really start to pick up the second half of 2018 so prepare yourself for a huge Q3 and Q4. Starting with a DCore Android SDK and a new enhanced DCT Wallet in Q3. The SDK for Android will surely be another milestone for DECENT as it will allow for app and dapp builders to easily integrate DCore with their Android applications. One of the pitfalls of blockchain technology thus far has been the difficulty of implementing it for daily use. Our Android SDK solves that issue and we can’t wait to see the amazing apps our community will create. Also, the new DCT Wallet, with more security options and features, will be up and running by the end of Q3 and we will incorporate a seamless transfer process from the previous DGo wallet.

In addition to these exciting products, all of our websites are getting an upgrade! In Q3 we will see a new face for DECENT. We are doing a complete overhaul on our websites for DECENT and DCore.

Riding this momentum, and not slowing down at all, in Q4 we will launch the DCore SDK for iOS and the Android Wallet for DCT. As with the Android SDK, the iOS SDK will help users integrate DCore with all iOS platforms. And, our wallet services will grow adding an Android wallet that will allow for holders of DCT to access their balances and transfer funds all from the comfort of their Android devices.

And, as a little extra somethin-somethin, in Q1 of 2019 we plan to release our Advanced DCore Blockchain Explorer as well as an iOS Wallet for DCT.

Whelp, there you have it, our 2018 roadmap (plus a small bonus preview of Q1, 2019). As a reminder, all this is just what is happening internally, we will be sure to keep you up to date with info from our partners and all things DECENT. We hope you all are super excited about this year, we certainly are!

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