What’s DECENT in Shanghai?

April 10, 2018

DECENT’s mission to take over Asia is in full effect! Just kidding, but we did open a new office in China’s most populated city, Shanghai. World renowned as a financial hub and global leader in business, Shanghai is a perfect location for DECENT. Our team in China is rapidly growing and therefore needed an upgraded space for all the new members and developments in progress.

Here is a little peak at the office in Shanghai. We are still hiring for a number of positions, so if you are in Shanghai, who knows, you could be in the next team photo.

DECENT Shanghai Office: Members of the marketing, developer and administrative teams hanging out by the cafe on the first floor.

Developers working hard at the office in Shanghai

Collaborative Team Environment

DECENT Team members collaborating together over coffee

We are proud to be an international company with offices in strategic locations around the world and have team members from different nations working alongside each other.

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