What Can Be Built on the Top of DECENT Protocol – Use Cases

August 25, 2015

DECENT platform is designed to liberate the world of media. The platform will allow borderless publishing of any content, freely without restrictions. This raises a question – how exactly can the content be shared?

In order to answer one has to understand that DECENT is a protocol. This means that all technological background is secured and anonymous, excluding any kind of middleman. The protocol is decentralized and open-sourced. App builders and basically anyone is welcome to build applications or clients on the top of DECENT protocol. And through these applications the authors can share their content. This can be any kind of digital content – a video, audio, texts (books, articles, news) or pictures. And it actually offers all sorts of possibilities and opportunities.

Think about the way media works nowadays. Authors have to go through publishers, recording studios or governments who determine whether the content can be, should be or is good enough to be published/released. As an app builder you can see there are too many restrictions. DECENT offers to app builders the safe and secure way for their users to share the content freely. Not only will it provide direct consumer – author payment system through blockchain and data distribution. It also includes the recommendation engine that secures the quality and popularity of the content.
Having explained this, we can move on to the use cases – i.e. the examples of applications possible to build on the top of DECENT protocol. Perhaps one of the most simple use cases can be a publishing app. Maybe something similar to the Medium.com. Authors will be able to post articles or stories from all around the world. The readers will determine the quality and popularity of the texts. Authors will get paid directly by their readers. They will recommend the article, rate it and likely follow their favorite authors’ publications further.

Another example of DECENT use case can be found in music industry
defined by people creating as well as selling music. Those are recording companies that get significant cuts. It probably made sense in the past, when recording studios were expensive and few people could afford to make their music at home. With today’s amazing technologies, basically anyone interested can create their own recording using their own computer. It is unbelievable how many amazing tracks are created on daily basis all around the world. Imagine those recordings available worldwide to anyone. Not only will Blockchain secure that it is clear who released the recording first when the author wants to be recognized. It will allow him to get paid by his fans directly. And the fans will also determine the quality of the record. So-called target group will create itself based on popularity as well as on the real value of the record. No recording companies, no middleman.

The app builders can create any kind of media sharing clients for their users. It can be a newspaper, news publication app mentioned above or many others – such as e-book publishing, photo sharing app or even software sharing app. This article could go on and on and we still would not be able to describe all of the use cases. There are so many specific possibilities for the app builders, therefore it is obvious that DECENT platform offers unlimited opportunities and is truly decentralizing the world of media. We leave the creativity of inventing great specific ideas up to the app builders and cannot wait to see all of the amazing new applications to come!