Welcoming the Blockchain Ideas under the Swiss Alps

October 12, 2016

The home of the United Nation, the jewel of Swiss culture and hospitality, with nearby lake and Swiss Alps. That’s Geneva, a captivating center of European trade and business and, lately a place you would’ve wanted to be in for a simple reason – Blockchain Storm, 2016. On 30th September, Hotel resort Novotel saw an influx of dedicated people – futurists marching to a conference hall to share ideas.

Conference organized by Arifa Khan, ambassador for FemTech leaders, brought a plethora of bankers, investors, coders, developers and other forward-thinkers into packed venue to discuss the future of business, security and related topics. Key word was self-evident – Blockchain Revolution and interlardation with following themes: banking, integration or disruption; transformation of financial services infrastructure; capital markets interlacement; countries attitude towards regulatory mechanisms; investment management; lending and depositing.

In her opening speech, Khan focused on communal integrity inside crypto-currency and blockchain movement. Rather than competition, futurists must join the effort and endorse revolution of various industries. However, she is emboldened by the next wave of power-brokers that are willing to challenge the state’s technocrats and their usurpation of regulatory power.

To captivate attention of investors, or potential stakeholders, emerging blockchain start-ups successfully introduced their projects. One of their prideful moments was strategic implementation of key tech trends, such as VR/AR, Big Data, IoT, or even Robotics.

Apart from ambitious newbies, the 9-hour conference gave every prominent speaker at least 30 minutes to introduce his ideas. Technologist and Hyperledger project executive director at LINUX Foundation, Brian Behlendorf; Vinay Gupta, visionary, tech futurist and part member of Ethereum team; Bruce Pon, CEO of Bigchain DB; this is just a fragment of a larger sum of presenters.

One of them, Matej Michalko, co-founder of DECENT Network talked about blockchain distribution platform aimed at more free and secure movement of digital products. He spoke at length about the core principles of DECENT – elimination of middleman, decentralization of trust, cost saving transactions, scalability and the selling point – Security Model.

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