WebSummit 2015, sweat & tears + inspiration

November 10, 2015

The first day – Our journey there…

Proud to be chosen as the Alpha startup by WebSummit, we traveled to Dublin to showcase our vision here. And this was not just any conference. More than 20 000 startups exhibiting here, make it the biggest conference on the old continent.

The second day – Our presence… sweat & tears + inspiration!

What do you exhibit at a startup conference?
Metal chain & hamster cage of course ;). Also usurp the table in front of you and your success is guaranteed. As happy as w
e seem, 10 hours on foot non-stop, made it the most challenging conference yet.

Amazing people, 136 subscribers, great talks, lots of feedback made it all well worth it!

The last day! – Soaking up the Atmosphere…Getting inspiration & Guinness!

What do you take with you from an event like this?

We finally had time to see some very inspiring speeches, talk to other startups, people from media and investors. True, you can have all of this without traveling for 2 days, sleeping for 5 hours and eating once a day, but the amazing atmosphere there cannot be put into words!

Having all the startupers, investors and journalist at one place, makes for a melting pot of ideas and inspiration that cannot be matched. We left Dublin full of new thoughts, inspired and driven to make the Internet decentralized once again as it used to be and should be.

And finally, when in Dublin have Guinness!