We are searching for Partners. Join DECENT!

August 10, 2016

With the finalization of the Prototype, announcement of Software Sale and completing of Development Plan, DECENT is step by step reaching the point of realization. To support the growth of the Network’s Infrastructure we are currently searching for partners who would join the blockchain driven future of content distribution.

Based on the possible use-cases of decentralized media network we are looking for projects and partners who are interested in applying blockchain into their existing services or even develop a completely new decentralized applications and platforms. Simply said, DECENT Network enables distribution and publishing of any digital content e.g. music, video, pictures, software or text.

By joining the blockchain sphera you and your clients get a stable service that has all the features a media sharing platform needs to have while it ensures the highest level of Trust and Security.

Possible use cases:

Are you wondering what exactly can be DECENT protocol used for? To begin, it’s important to remind that DECENT is an Open Source protocol allowing app builders to create various applications with the functionalities and design specifications according to their needs. From many possible options let me highlight a few of them that demonstrate the main areas of usage:

Online blogging / media publishing

This option covers individual writers as well as bigger online media platforms who want to have a transparent and easy-to-use solution of content distribution. With the micro-payment system and voting mechanism DECENT provides an advantage both for the readers who pay less while they get their desired content and for the authors/platforms who earn more and build their reputation at the same time.

E-book publishing

Similar to the previous option, DECENT e-book publishing solution can benefit the writers as well as the readers. Elimination of 3rd party fees and earnings’ cutting provides higher profit for authors and smaller fees for content consumers.

Music / Video distribution

Are you an established music or video producer looking for another way of sharing your work or even an independent author who would like to spread the word? With DECENT Network you can gain a reputation and popularity all around the globe. Show off your creations to the world and enjoy the advantages of decentralized and independent media publishing.

Video / Audio streaming

Streaming on DECENT Network allows you to create your own channel or platform for distribution of your content. Thanks to the blockchain solution you will be able to take advantage of secure and trusted service that enables you to earn money and still offer your content for affordable prices. You can even provide some of your content for free to build an audience before you start charging. On DECENT your content stays entirely in your hands both when it comes to the content itself and its profit as there are no middlemen fees included.


Platforms offering photo-collections for web or graphic design usage can run on blockchain technology as well. The content providers will get a clear and timestamped history of their sales and full amount of their profit. The customers will be able to search the content according to their desired topics or content’s popularity.

Indie games development

Are you looking for a place where you could freely distribute your own projects without restrictions of big corporations? DECENT Network is a right place for you. All you need to do is develop the game according to your preferences and share it with the world. No need to meet the 3rd party requirements. Your content is yours and it stays the way you want it to be.

Check this article to learn more about DECENT prototype that demonstrates the basic features of DECENT Network and depicts the example GUI of publishing platform build on top of the Protocol.

Do you have any other idea of DECENT usage possibility? Then just go ahead! DECENT protocol is Open-Source and allows you to build the service that meets your needs. In case you would like to become DECENT Partner send your request and specification to [email protected]! After the main Network is launched DECENT aims to provide support for the app developers and entrepreneurs to ensure the constant growth of DECENT Infrastructure. Help us to make DECENT great and available all around the world!