Wanna hang out with DECENT? Join us this Friday!

August 02, 2016

Would you like to discuss possibilities of DECENT Network directly with its founders Matej Michalko and Matej Boda? Join livestream of DECENT Google Hangouts Session #1 on Friday (5th of August) at 4pm CET.

To be able to provide our supporters with complex information about DECENT updates, development plan and the abilities of the network, we will organize live sessions on a regular basis from now on. Feel free to join us each time and discuss the future of online media distribution.

To ensure the best possible outcome of it, we ask you to submit your questions in advance through our Bitcointalk thread or Slack channel (tag @swan), Telegram group (tag @s_wan) and Twitter (tag @178swan) until Thursday night. We will gather all the queries and prepare the answers before the conference call on Google Hangouts.

Your feedback is what helps us to bring the ideas of decentralized and independent content distribution network to life. We are waiting for your comments and remarks. Let’s make DECENT Network great together!