Unrestricted Worldwide Streaming Service with Thousands of Films and TV Shows? Revolutionary Benefits of DECENT Stream!

October 14, 2016

Among many ambitious projects on the line, one that sparks intrigue and overall interest is undoubtedly streaming service called DECENT Stream. Due to popular demand, we decided to share our vision which is not remotely farfetched, nor unfeasible. On the contrary, it’s going to happen sooner than you may think. To help us illustrate its benefits, we’re going to compare it with well-known services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

As you may well know, all of regular services have build-in monthly or annual subscription system, so that customer can access video, music or other digital content third party provides. DECENT scratches this model; instead, authors put price tag onto their content themselves without the supervision of the publisher. Author is the publisher, he/she doesn’t have to share the profits.

DECENT Stream won’t take cuts, because its business model doesn’t structure itself comparably to Netflix, or Hulu. Instead, it works similarly to Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http:). Service will ask for a small, affordable transaction fee, but nothing excessive that would break the bank, or make authors reconsider involvement.

Moreover, DECENT Stream’s going to come with HW devices, plug & play USB-HDMI hardware that enables any Smart-TV to be directly plugged in the DECENT Network. Future sales are going to be proceeded online/offline through a network of distributors. The aforementioned stream services don’t include physical device as a part to their offer.

If you do the math, a yearly subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime could cost you almost $100 dollars or euros with them setting additional pay-walls between you and quality of the content you’re given. $7.99 for a monthly subscription to Netflix provides you with distributed Film and TV content, but further restricts you from enjoying your favorite shows by locking HD and Full-HD resolution options (unless you pay more, of course). Same goes for Amazon Prime. Hulu seems to infuriate it’s customers by allowing commercials and ad-banners during shows, what could be otherwise solved by paying $4 more dollars.

Moreover, for the exact same price worldwide, you get fewer content in general, unless you reside in North-America region, for example – Netflix subscriber in USA can access 5750 TV shows and films, while viewers from V4 countries only 750 on average. Central and Eastern Europe don’t have the luxury of unrestricted, localised movies, or TV shows. Instead, non-American viewers have to settle with smaller rooster and without country-specific subtitles, so it further discriminates against non-english speakers. On the other hand, DECENT Stream would promote open, decentralized solutions, so that every customer has the same choice to pick any digital content he/she desires.

As you can see, these service models heavily depend on a constant allowance fees from content fanbase, while authors don’t have an actual say in the matter. DECENT Stream would change this model by stepping back from author/customer interaction and giving the both parties transactional platform.

We mentioned before the project is still in its infancy, although consolidated with achievable ideas. It’s safe to assume, we’ll soon experience an exciting future for online digital content distribution. How soon? The project should be launched on Q3-Q4 20018 – Q1-Q2 2019. Information on DECENT Stream will be continuously updated.

In the meantime, stay in touch with current events by joining DECENT cause. Participate in our ongoing ICO and be first in line to experience the future of streaming service first-hand. The more DCT’s we distribute, the more funds we have to develop and perfect DECENT Stream.