Twitter Bounty Campaign Spam Protection

August 09, 2016

As we have noticed an obvious attempt to spam DECENT Twitter Bounty campaign, we had to delete some accounts from the rewards’ list.
Obvious spam Twitter accounts were all created just before the campaign starts, they have the same 60 followers, and approximately the same 5 or 6 tweets altogether.

We ask you to play a fair-game and stop spamming DECENT Bounty campaign as all records are manually checked.

We do not want spam attempts to take advantage away from our real supporters! In case any of the following accounts was deleted by mistake please send us a direct message on Twitter. Thank you for support and understanding!

Deleted accounts (so far):

vilia fitri ‏ @vilia_fitri

Rami skatakato ‏ @ramia_kato

akiaosa kaimiwa ‏ @akiaosa_kaimiwa

kuzhauna ‏ @kuzhauna_ra

marmor ‏ @naruli5
toasarno gaoaldano ‏ @gaoldano

sabor ‏ @dadkoo24

kinemon ‏ @kinemon_zhu

Gin onaki ‏ @gin_onaki

iueke ‏ @adamilki

frangerd ‏ @frangerd_sar

sanny jenifer ‏ @muraiba_sani

w-mor ‏ @wmor_gan

jonny kite ‏ @jonny_kite

tordens ‏ @tordens_remons

ani sinke ‏ @ani_sinke

kaliwar ‏ @kaliwar_asnow

huldof ‏ @huldof_swert

kowaso ‏ @kowasoa_inuzima

asako ‏ @susilami

aisha rizca ‏ @aisah261

dafid smoke ‏ @dafid_snakes

cuzkan zee ‏ @cuzkan_zee

keni lunita ‏ @KeniLunita

reni arisandi ‏ @8_reni