Transparency Finds the Core in New Explorer

October 01, 2018

The newest community explorer has been released! The explorer was built by our DECENT Innovation branch, dedicated to DCore dApp research and development. This is their very first product, focusing on transparency as a key part of our company structure, and we are excited to share it with you. Let’s explore the features!

What is it?

This blockchain explorer is an open tool that DCT/UIA (User Issued Assets) holders, miners, content creators, and third party exchanges can use to look up and audit any transaction that has occurred on the DCore blockchain.

How does it work?

With our clean and simple UI, viewers can search for:

  • Blocks (by block number or date)
  • Transactions (by transaction ID or date)
  • Account details (by account name) with up to 200 transactions in the history
  • Monitored assets and UIAs (by asset symbol)
  • A specific transaction ID (TXID) – the unique identifier of a specific transaction across the network. Transaction details include transaction type (e.g. transfer, account creation, account update, vesting balance withdrawal, etc.), participating accounts, amount and fees that can be searched via TXID or the date it was created.
  • Information about accounts, miners, individual blocks, monitored assets and UIAs, including our very own genesis block, and raw data (DCT value information is integrated through CoinMarketCap’s APIs).

Think of it as a custom-made search engine for all DCT transactions. With the new DECENT explorer, you can easily audit all parts of a transaction, meaning not only what amount of DCT was sent and received or the addresses involved, but also the timestamp of when this transaction took place and even the miner fee for said transaction.

Why is it important?

In essence, our explorer is a tool created for anyone, anywhere, to audit any transaction on DCore. It quickly allows anyone to assess and filter the transactional history of every block, including the corresponding raw data to make exporting the information easy. You can access the explorer HERE.

Blockchain, at its core, is an open and decentralized platform. A key aspect people often overlook is the “open” part of the platform, which means that at any point, an audit can be done easily by anyone and anywhere. Another term for this is transparency. In general, this is what makes blockchain explorers valuable and an important tool in our ecosystem.

We’re extremely excited to have built this for our community and, like DCore, we’re “open” to hearing feedback from you, our loyal fans and followers. As always, make sure to follow us on our social media channels and join our discussion on Telegram to get updates on the most current DECENT news!