Monthly Recap – September 2019

October 08, 2019

DECENT Prestige

Spreading knowledge about blockchain and the benefits it provides has always been at the core of our mission. 

This month, our Founder and CEO, Matej Michalko, was nominated for the IBC Young Pioneer Award for being one of the brightest and newest talents in the industry under 30 years of age. This nomination signifies Matej’s positive influence as a role model and further solidifies his impact as a leader in the tech field. 

Going hand-in-hand with Matej’s personal accomplishments, DECENT also gained a nomination for the “Best Blockchain Startup” award at the Central European Startup Awards (CESA), part of the Global Startup Awards series. 

Our hard work and dedication to being a leader in the world of blockchain is proven by the increasing recognition of DECENT and its accomplishments all over the world—keeping us all motivated more than ever!

For the Betterment of Society

One of the most humane and charitable projects running on DCore is Token4Hope—the blockchain-driven charity platform which allows users to see exactly how their charitable contributions are used to benefit families in need. 

We wanted to provide a clear path for those interested in utilizing our technology to gain access to DCore. That’s why we decided to make the T4H source code publicly available on GitHub, in the hopes that more businesses will discover and benefit from blockchain technology.

Tip: Download the official code for “Token4Hope” on GITHUB!

Proof Your Worth

Yet another DECENT subsidiary sees the light of day!

Say hello to Digital Proof—the innovative and digital-first step in intellectual property protection backed by the most secure technology in the market today, blockchain.

We developed Digital Proof in collaboration with more than 20 prestigious law firms from all over Europe, ensuring the highest level of credibleness and compliance!

Got an idea that needs safeguarding? Do your clients need to make a first step in protecting their brainchildren? Give Digital Proof a try today—and the best thing: the first month is completely on us. Visit to learn more!

Tip: Read the official PRESS RELEASE on Digital Proof!

Blockchain That Melts in Your Mouth

We are very excited about our collaboration with Lyra—a prominent, Slovak chocolate manufacturer—which implements blockchain in the foundation of the chocolate production and distribution processes. The technology is used to track and trace every step of the supply chain lifecycle for each ingredient which Lyra uses in their famous chocolate bars.

The chocolate manufacturer didn’t waste any time in this new endeavor and has already begun their pilot project which will see an incredible 200,000 chocolate bars produced and tracked through our DCore blockchain. 

Lyra is the first-ever chocolate manufacturer to use blockchain technology in the production line and we are thrilled to play a significant role in this project.

Tip: Pre-order your first blockchain chocolate HERE!

Tip: Read the official BLOG POST on Lyra!

Inside the Mind of Our Founder

Ever wanted to know what goes inside our CEO’s head? Well, blockchain, of course! And with it, its impact in all industries across the globe.

This month, he wrote about the positive influence blockchain technology will have on the energy sector in his latest blog, “What can energy on blockchain do for our future.”

In addition, he put his findings and research on paper with an article about combating idea theft where he advocates the need for better protection of IP and introduces our new project Digital Proof. If these topics spark your interest, come check out Matej’s Blogs on Medium for a world of insightful tidbits.

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