The Results Are In!

March 02, 2018

Today, on our official Telegram channel, we announced the winners of the slogan contest. The winners were voted by the community on Twitter via likes, comments, and retweets. Everyone participating in the contest will receive 5 DCT and the 3 winners from the community votes will earn 100 DCT for first prize, 50 DCT for second prize and 30 DCT for third prize.

After seeing some quality contributions that didn’t get so much love on twitter, we decided to give an “honorable mention prize” to one of the slogans as well. Here’s the official announcement on our telegram channel.

DECENT Official Telegram Channel


Next week we will be rolling out another contest as part of a DECENT Contest Series which will last several weeks and give away more than 10,000 DCT in prizes. In order to participate, join our official Telegram channel and look for the announcements from our team members.