The Explanation of DECENT ICO Initial Glitches

September 12, 2016

First of all we would like to thank all of you who have been supporting our project so far. From the very beginning of DECENT Network development we have successfully accomplished many of our goals. After finalization of DECENT prototype that demonstrated features of the network, reaching a significant growth in our community and gaining important partnerships that will help us to ensure worldwide adoption of the technology we launched DECENT ICO yesterday. Thanks to this step we will be able to create decentralized nature of the DECENT Network. Join DECENT ICO and help us to initiate the blockchain based future of content distribution!

Entire DECENT team wants to apologize to our community for the initial obstacles they  have noticed when participating in DECENT ICO. The problems were caused by technical issues described below. Even though we have been doing our best to have everything ready on time, certain problems appeared.

The very beginning of the ICO was accompanied with registration problems when people either could not enter their email address or didn’t receive the confirmation email. Another issue appeared with 2FA (two-factor-authentication) as the verification code was not distributed to participants’ emails. DECENT ICO platform was based on the software used during Stratis ICO. Scalability limitations in external components and significant load that was placed on the server and core platform caused malfunction of the system. The issue was solved in approximately an hour and just afterwards people could register again. Because of this problem we have decided to change the limitation of 50% bonus. Originally valid only for the first 10 million DCT, the bonus was adjusted and valid until 11:00pm GMT on September 11. The reason for this change is to allow all the people who were disadvantaged by the initial issues to claim the bonus.

The issues with no changes displayed in DCT balance within the participants’ profiles on DECENT ICO were caused by API that could not handle requests from our website. The ticker on the homepage caused us to reach the API limits. However there is no need to worry about the transactions. Once they are visible in the blockchain, everything is alright and the balance will be adjusted in a while.

We apologize once again for any inconvenience this might have caused to you and we hope this will not shatter your belief in DECENT potential. For the last couple of months you have become part of our everyday life. We have received thousands of questions and remarks. We have attended conferences and recorded multiple Q&A session to get as close to all of you as possible. Every word of support we received from you kept pushing us forward.

Our goals and milestones are constantly in our minds and nothing has changed within our determination to build a worldwide decentralized content distribution network. We thank you all for the support so far.