Thank you for joining us in Miami and Nassau!

September 27, 2016

Last week DECENT team had a chance to organize two meetups in a beautiful environment of Florida and Bahamas! Thanks you all for participating and sharing your ideas about the future of decentralized systems.

DECENT founder Matej Michalko travelled to the sunny coasts of Miami and Bahamas later on to reach the local community and introduce the ideas of Digital Revolution DECENT aims to begin. The presentation featured the origin of DECENT Network and its future development plans. Moreover, Matej described his views on decentralized applications and their potential to change the organization of human society and economy. During an open discussion that followed, Matej provided his thoughts on the future tendencies within the blockchain ecosystem and answered your questions about the functionalities of DECENT Network.

We are constantly trying to enlarge our community worldwide. After establishing the basis of its reputation in China and Europe we are step by step moving towards other parts of the world with the aim to ensure decentralized nature of the Network. Besides meeting local blockchain enthusiasts, the latest DECENT meetups in Miami and Nassau brought new supporters to our evolving team. Stefen Deleveaux and Vilmond Jacques will from now on support DECENT growth and help all the people in their region to become part of the decentralized future of media.

Would you like to meet with DECENT community as well? We invite you to our upcoming meetup on the 30th of September in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! And remember more events and news coming soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about all the updates on time!