Successful Conference by the DECENT Team in University College London!

March 02, 2017

Despite tube strikes, an unattended luggage which blocked lines for a while to the university and a last minute change of location for the event, three dozen persons still made it to the rather hidden Gustave Tuck amphitheatre of University College London on Wednesday 22nd of February at 18.30.

Because of what precedes the conference was delayed by half an hour to give all a time to arrive – our sincere thanks in this respect for the participants for their good willed patience and inevitably rescheduled plans. The UCL meetup was organized through the London Dev [Blockchain] Community and presented by Christopher Gilbert of Cutting Edge Technology Solutions and Antonio Sabado of Blockchain Connector Ltd with whom DECENT has had already contacts and previous encounters in the recent past.

At 19.00 hence, our CEO – Matej Michalko – engaged himself in presenting, through a one hour conference entitled Advantage of the Decentralized Distribution Network, the raison d’être of DECENT in relation to creative contents in particular, the Blockchain Technology in development which backs it and the theoretical statistical models which are linked to the latter. An emphasis was of course made on the much looked for launch on March 10th of the Testnet of the DECENT Network where the above mentioned creative contents – whether be text, music or videos – can be stored by their creators and downloaded against a fee or even freely depending on the latters’ specific wishes.

This, to quote Matej, to focus on ‘removing the unnecessary middleman’ in content distribution, and hence free the content consumer or the author ‘from unnecessary fees and manipulations’ and give authors unprecedented returns and/or royalties on their creative work. This while making sure that the evaluations made for any creative content will be secured and undeletable.

The latter was in fact illustrated by Matej through a precise anecdotic event which occurred to him after booking a hotel in Prague through After leaving a negative comment on the hotel for providing a windowless room, the comment was to his surprise and dismay subsequently deleted by the famous hotel reservation platform, probably in concertation with the said hotel. This sort of ‘manipulation’, as it affects statistics and hence final rating, shall be impossible on the DECENT Network where all comments are for all time blockchained, providing a fairer and truer evaluation of the rated contents for users.

Thereafter Matej discussed many aspects of the DECENT Network and the reader may wish to follow the link provided below to listen to the full conference. The conference finished, Matej invited (from left to right) Christian de Vartavan, our new Head of Academic Relations, Josef Sevcik, Chief Architect at DECENT and Arutyun Pogosyan, Board Member, Blockchain R&D Hub and Advisor at DECENT, to join him on the podium for the question & answer session.

The interest of the audience was such that questions rolled nonstop for a good half an hour, shifting from general, to technical questions which were distributed across each member of the DECENT team for immediate answer. Really successfully if we refer to post conference comments given to us! Noted were some very technical questions answered by Josef and addressed in particular by Matthew di Ferrante of, a software engineer who works in the blockchain space. Others related to royalties or content protection, one triggered by Chris Gilbert and another by a novelist present in the audience whose manuscript had been recently pirated, were answered by Christian de Vartavan. Some of these answers were completed or developed by Trevor Hilder, who has been in the field of information and communication technology since 1974 and is now the CEO of Nail Soup Ltd., a consultancy company which aims to develop wealth for its clients. Very much in fact what DECENT aims to do in its specific field for those users who will entrust their creative contents to our nonprofit and Swiss regulated foundation and deposit them on our new platform from March 10th – 1.00PM GMT.

The conference finished a merry company of blockchain enthusiasts headed for a pub on Tottenham Court Road where discussions continued well into the night and in the dim light of refreshing lagers which unfortunately could not – yet – be paid with bitcoins or even DCTs, DECENT’s raising cryptocurrency.  Not yet, at least ;).

Advantage of the Decentralized Distribution Network by Matej Michalko, CEO, DECENT: