SophiaTX Token Generation Event is Near!

December 07, 2017

We are nearing the Token Generation Event (TGE) for our joint venture project, SophiaTX, which will start on Thursday, December 7th, at 2pm UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Due to issues with the Ethereum network, the TGE which was scheduled for Dec. 5th was postponed by 48 hours. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate!

Important Facts About the SophiaTX TGE:

  • All Participants must pass a KYC (know your customer) check.
  • Hard cap of 115,000 ETH.
  • No soft cap and no minimum amount.
  • 5 Rounds 48 hours each. Total of 10 days.
  • Each round has 30,000,000 SPHTX Tokens.
  • Total of 150,000,000 SPHTX Tokens throughout the TGE.
  • Round 1: SPHTX = 0.00062789 ETH. 10% increase each round.
  • Use BTC, ETH, or DCT (BONUS for DCT participants of an additional 10%!).
  • After their TGE, the SPHTX tokens will be distributed within 48 hours as an ERC20.
  • Tokens are sent to the participants ETH addresses (participants must provide the same ETH address during KYC and TGE registration).
  • Any remaining unclaimed tokens will be proportionately distributed to participants based on their SPHTX stake.

More in depth info can be found in the SophiaTX Whitepaper and on their website.

What is SophiaTX?
SophiaTX is a blockchain platform and marketplace for businesses of all sizes, and the first open source platform to primarily integrate blockchain technology with enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, and others. 74% of transaction revenue worldwide touches SAP systems, and SophiaTX provides a business-appropriate blockchain for B2B collaboration and communication. The project is led byEquidato Technologies AG, the Swiss joint venture between DECENT and Venaco Group, an independent SAP advisory firm.

SophiaTX is open source and tailored to allow traditional enterprise applications to be extended to more robust, collaborative and decentralized blockchain-enabled business models. The project is based on the same proprietary technology as DECENT, but will launch an entirely new blockchain from the very first block (because both platforms need high-speed transactions). 

Purpose-built to power a B2B transaction engine, SophiaTX offers specific business features, fueled by its own token SPHTX. The project shows technological maturity and innovative advancements of DCore(DECENT’s own blockchain). It is a partner allowing the technologies to be adopted by businesses of all sizes for a broad range of applications. 

SophiaTX was created by DECENT and Venaco Group together through the formation of a joint venture Equidatio Technologies AG. DECENT brings the technology and blockchain expertise, while Venaco Group provides many years of experience with enterprise applications for business. 

Why Use DECENT’s Blockchain?
SophiaTX needed a platform which is suitable as a starting point to create additional features in order to be compliant, scalable, secure, and relevant for businesses. DECENT’s blockchain technology uses DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) which provides a faster more efficient solution when compared to older PoW algorithms. Currently, on DECENT, transactions can be verified in under 5 seconds.

Having access to DECENT’s team of blockchain experts will allow for the accelerated market adoption of the SophiaTX platform. The team recently unveiled a working proof of concept demonstrating how businesses can use their platform to transparently and reliably exchange information between their enterprise systems in real time.

You can find out much more about the project in the recently published whitepaper and by visiting their newly remodeled website. Additional information regarding their upcoming TGE is also available on their site, along with the instructions for how to participate.