Seed Pricing Issues Resolved

July 25, 2017

Some of you might have noticed the DECENT Blockchain stopped syncing during the wee hours earlier this morning. The problem with seed pricing was caught and identified quickly, and we are happy to report that the situation has been resolved and the code has been updated to eliminate future issues related to seed pricing.

What happened? Changing the seeding price during the period of seeding moved the system into an inconsistent state. On a positive note, the network remained up but in a frozen state until the pricing discrepancies could be resolved. In this way the DECENT Network performed as expected.

The fix was two-step. First, implement a workaround to correct the changed price for this particular seed, and second, prepare an update for the code, which will prevent price changes from taking effect during the period of seeding, even if the content host (initial seeder) changes it. In such cases the system will continue to use the original price, determined at the time of the initial seed.

The builders of the explorer systems will need to recompile in order for the new blocks to be readable. Until they are updated you will need CLI Client to access blockchain information.