Road Trippin’ with Our 2019 Roadmap

May 02, 2019

As you all know, every year we like to set clear and concise goals for not just our community to be updated, but also for our internal team. Our roadmap acts as a guiding light for us throughout the year. As we’re sure a lot of you know, things move fast in tech startups, and challenges spring up along the way. That is why it is incredibly important to have a well-laid-out roadmap.

Without further ado, let us present our 2019 roadmap.

2019 Q1

With Q1 already behind us, we’re happy to let you know that we’ve released our official DECENT Explorer Beta as well as concluded a successful ALX token swap from ERC20 tokens to UIA’s on our DCore platform. Additionally, the DGO platform has officially been shut down and previous users can enjoy a smooth transition to our new DECENT Web Wallet.

Speaking of wallets, the first version of our official iOS wallet (alongside our Android wallet from late last year) is up and running, so all of you with iOS devices can easily send and receive DCT, along with many other features which will continuously be added.

On the DCore side, we officially support Docker, which makes it easier to access and deploy Linux installation packages for Fedora and Ubuntu.

2019 Q2

This quarter, we unleashed the first few bounties as part of our Open Bounty Program which rewards both developers and general users for simple tasks such as finding small bugs or issues within our DCore products as well as more labor-intensive endeavors like creating a minimal viable product (MVP) on DCore. Keep a close eye on this program as we continue to introduce new types of bounties and reward our supportive community.

When we approach summer this year, DCore will have launched a very important updated version of the Official Android Wallet which allows users to search their transaction history and offers the option to log in with biometry. Additionally, our highly anticipated PHP and Swift SDKs for DCore will launch in Q2 along with the implementation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

2019 Q3 & Q4

Wrapping up the year, you’ll see more product launches, including the public release of our first Python SDK for DCore as well as ongoing web wallet updates which will include a new transfer implementation, with the possibility to choose transaction fees in UIA.

On a non-technical side, we plan on launching a clear and defined structure of our DECENT Venture Capital fund, along with key information about partners and other important details. The fund will be focused on DECENT-related projects, some of which we hope will come out of the Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon series we are continuing throughout the year.

As always, we plan to continuously update our DCore platform as we have done since June 2017 when the platform debuted. We will also be implementing several ongoing improvements to the official wallets as the year progresses. Our complete roadmap is available to view on our website as well.

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