Preparing for Shanghai FinTech Meet-up 2016

October 18, 2016

From 27th to 28th October 2016, Shanghai International Conference center, on behalf of Shanghai Yao West Business Consulting Ltd., holds the next-in-line, FinTech syndicated conference called Shanghai FinTech Meet-up.

After three weeks, Shanghai’s Lujiazui becomes a melting pot of innovation and groundbreaking concepts again. This time, under the banner of FinTech, which entails following topics: smart finance, asset allocation, micro-finance, rural finance, BlockChain, AI, cloud computing, e-money, network lending, financial management, etc.

Present at the meet-up will be companies directly coopting FinTech principles and famous in Mainland China, such as Alibaba, Ping’an Group, Jingdong Finance. Place for renowned foreign companies will be filled by IBM and Microsoft with DECENT as the exhibition sponsor. Voice of DECENT will be represented by its co-founder, Matej Michalko.

Since FinTech will be the main discussed issue, presentations will be focused on the way technology can improve efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. High degree of integration of finance, tech and its level of dependence on aforementioned topics stands out as a pivotal part of corporate architecture and will be thoroughly analysed during the two-day meet-up.

Furthermore, the official programme will also introduce an award ceremony with four distinct categories – influence (industrial research and development), Brand Value (well-known and recognised brand), Strategic planning (corporate strategic planning), Creativity (breakthrough innovation).

You’ll find more information on the event later this month, after it concludes. But before that, keep in touch with DECENT newsletter and participate on our ongoing ICO. Future of decentralized distribution network is in your hands.