Participate in DECENT ICO with your ETH!

November 03, 2016

Even before we started our initial coin offering, we envisioned a clear goal – collect enough funds to create, literary, a public service. Building applications on top of our blockchain-based protocol would allow everybody to experience decentralized solutions to distribution without the need of transaction being sanctioned by fees or payments from third parties.

With this in mind, we encourage holders of ETH to help us, and consequently yourself. Each day, the ICO is reaching its finish line, hence the last opportunity to spare some ETH for another larger projects. Right now, we are successfully testing new DECENT blogging platform that would let writers and readers deal with one another on peer-to-peer principle; author names the price and reader decides whether he find the content pleasing.

Same with apps like DECENT Books, DECENT Music. Content maker communicates through the protocol seemingly individually with every consumer. Upon reaching an agreement regarding price, transaction commences. Similarly with DECENT Stream.

All you need to do is to contribute in ICO and receive DCTs. Only with them you would be able to use DECENT applications and experience unrestricted access to decentralized distribution network.

If you’re leaning towards participation, bear in mind – this is your last chance to do so. On Sunday the 6th, ICO will officially conclude.