Official Media Partners of DECENT Software Sale

July 28, 2016

We are glad to announce new media partners are helping DECENT to spread the ideas of decentralized future of media distribution. The brighter tomorrow can be only achieved by the cooperation. Thank you for your support!

Participation of people worldwide is a crucial step in accomplishing the goal of DECENT Network to create fully independent and secure content distribution platform. The bigger support we will gain, the better Network performance will be achieved. Thanks to the newly opened partnerships DECENT has a potential to become a widely used network of authors, publishers and users who will benefit each other. Join the community and you will join the future.


“The DECENT Software Sale is aimed at creating a secure and independent publishing network powered by the blockchain technology.”


“Those taking part in the DECENT software sale can buy DCT cryptotokens (software tool) used to fuel the whole publishing and buying process on the DECENT network.”

CryptoCurrency Magazine:

“What DECENT is building is a media platform of the future, which is supported by the block chain technology.”

Blockchain News:

“The DECENT Software Sale (Initial Coin Offering or ICO) is a one­-time opportunity to participate in a project that aims to tackle the future of media with Blockchain Technology.”

Bitcoin News:

“Using blockchain technology, it allows creators to freely share their content on a peer-to-peer network while maintaining a secure record of ownership.”

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You can always rely on the information posted on our official channels and media partners websites. Stay tuned and help us to change the way media distribution works today!