Now you can participate in DECENT ICO with Fiat Currency!

October 10, 2016

If you were wondering, whether there will be an option to participate in DECENT’s ongoing ICO without the possibility of using Bitcoins, we have an answer. Yes, fiat currency is now officially available to be utilized to get DCT’s. Those uninvolved with mining process or spending time exchanging money may comfortably gain DCT’s with dollars, euros or even yuans.

Online services like Cashila, Paybis or ANOON provide you the means of fast and precise currency exchange that can be used in participation with DECENT ICO. The Process is as simple as it can get. You need to follow their guidelines; register, log in, add necessary  debit or credit card information, and you’re off to go. All of these are based on blockchain principles and peer-to-peer system so security and non-participatory third party occupies the highest place on priority list.

DECENT’s ICO sites underwent a series of miscellaneous updates regarding the fiat-currency factor. To demonstrate this, on the picture, under the”Participate with Bitcoins” row, you may observe three aforementioned services embedded into a page (along with two altcoin options).

All three provide easy-to-use alternative to Bitcoin. Via Cashila, you can not only convert BTC’s into any fiat currency, you execute payments to bank accounts almost immediately, and if needed, deposit funds. Paybis offers resembling functions, while adding informations about exchange rates of crypto- and flat- currencies. On the other hand, ANNON stresses the importance of its compliance with AML policy standards, therefore it monitors all transactions to prevent money laundering and mitigates risks of being unwillful part of financial crime.

We concluded that adding new options for you to consider your involvement would increase variety on how you would wish to receive DCT. Being constrained with several similar-looking choices isn’t corresponding with DECENT’s general outlook on empowering the customer. The more free in your decision-making you are, the more satisfied and completed we feel in the end.

Be your own master, join the cause for liberated transaction and security system via Blockchain Technology. Every small donation helps us reach that goal and don’t forget, there are still more than three weeks left. Get DCT’s for the best value you can. If you need more information about DECENT ICO, subscribe to our newsletter now!