Now Live – DCore: Blockchain You Can Actually Build On

November 16, 2017

The new features, highlighted in the most recent recent update, are now LIVE!

  • Custom Tokens (create and issue assets such as currencies and tokens)
  • Instant messaging via blockchain
  • Seeder ratings (performance and reliability ratings now monitored and reported)
  • Seeder settings (option to set seeding costs in FIAT currencies)
  • Geolocation of seeders
  • Update manager for Mac and WIN clients

For the complete list and further breakdown of features as well as detailed information on use-cases check out the NEW DCore. This page provides the most comprehensive DCore info to date. Let us know what you think.

This update was quite large and it was necessary for all DCT miners and seeders to update their systems prior to the update. The Community handled the switch admirably which ultimately allowed the update to go live without incident.

We are currently working the DCore SDK (Software Development Kit). This will greatly accelerate internal development times as well as give external DCore users a powerful tool to build their own applications.

We are also in the process of updating our Reddit page and adding dedicated social media spots for DCore technology. We believe all of this will help address a major misunderstanding and show potential business partners that DCore is WAY more than just content distribution.