New Pastures for DECENT

September 24, 2018

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from our team in China! Here’s a quick update on the latest announcements and news for all of our global offices here at DECENT.

Decentralized Teams

Having to cover several different award shows and conferences around the world during the same week is tough, but it’s made a lot easier when your senior team can spread out and reach multiple events at once!

Over in Europe, Matej kicked things off in Berlin for the 0100 conference where he was invited as a panelist to discuss “Cryptocurrencies and Investments”. Matej is always happy to share his knowledge on these subjects, and considering the fact that he first got involved with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more than 7 years ago, people tend to appreciate his insights.

Staying in Europe, our Head of Innovation, Michal Geci, attended the prestigious IBC Conference in Amsterdam. IBC bills itself as the leading conference for the world’s most influential media, entertainment, and technology show.

Finally, John Oh, our Head of Korea Operations, co-hosted the first ever DECENT workshop focused on DCore in Seoul with EXA Labs this past Thursday. The overall reception was greater than expected and while our Korea team is new, we’re sure that their hard work and dedication will prove to be very successful.  

A Couple of Fresh Announcements

In addition to all the travelling this week, we were thrilled with the reception of the announcement of a new project 3IPK and all the press coverages we received. For those who haven’t read the article yet, 3IPK aims to solve major supply chain challenges faced by the multi-billion dollar aviation industry by using DCore to ensure traceability and authenticity, in addition to a frictionless transaction system.

We are also happy to share that our Web Wallet (beta version) is receiving lots of positive praise from our community. The new wallet design focuses specifically on a better UI/UX experience for the user and allows for better tracking of transaction history. Let us know what you guys think of the new wallet! We’re always pleased to hear from you, our loyal fans and followers, and will be taking the wallet out of beta soon!

New Faces at Headquarters

The team over in Bratislava is busy working hard on new projects and continuing to improve our DCore platform. This productivity increase means that a little expansion was in order and we hired on Peter Biely, a Senior Project Manager, Martin Stehlik as a Junior Web Developer & Tester, and Kristina Barborik our new Office Assistant. Welcome to the team!

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