New Partnership DECENT – Fastweb is lukewarm…

November 01, 2016

DECENT Network checked out a new, exciting partnership deal from its wishlist.  The latest one was confirmed lately in China with the largest Internet provider in the country, Beijing Fastweb. �

One of the core goals of DECENT Network is to spread its business activities internationally, for example by building well-regarded partnerships with chinese fintech industry. Reaching a wide market and promoting blockchain distribution technology, DECENT needed a skillful Internet provider with services matching its claims.

Beijing Fastweb proved to be that company. Not only it facilitates up-to-date cloud-based services, or implements Fastcache’s storage cache system, invaluable for the basic operationality of blockchain tech, it provides a reliable security measures, preventing DDoS attacks and other malicious activities. With Fastweb’s bandwidth exceeded 1TB, DECENT has acquired a stable ground on the chinese wide web.

It owns a sizeable amount of patents (11) and software copyrights (7). One of them, Cloud SaaS technology pride itself with static acceleration, download speedup, video broadcasting distribution, distributed network storage and CDN platform monitoring.

Beijing Fastweb customer list includes high-profile customers like CCTV, Mango TV, Sina, Netease 163, Suning Tesco and with almost 3000 network nodes in China and 10 controllable nodes in Panasia, America and Europe, the international appeal coincides with DECENT ambition to grow as a major player on a global scale.

In the last eight years, Fastweb expanded into every important economically booming region in China, namely Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and even Silicon Valley in US. During that period, services like Cloud CDN, Cloud TCP and Cloud XNS had been developed. The services, DECENT Network will surely use.

The partnership sets out to reaffirm and strengthen DECENT role in a blockchain revolution, not solely in China, but within an international scope. Cooperating with Beijing Fastweb, DECENT becomes a part of an elite club of reputable companies. It’s not the final step, though. To find out more about our journey, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow the news about decentralized digital distribution platform, DECENT.