New & Improved Documentation!

March 12, 2018

The flexibility and wide range of use-cases makes DCore very appealing for developers and project creators looking to blockchain as a vehicle to transport them to a bright future. We understand that timing is essential and want to get you there as quickly as possible. Looking at the DECENT roadmap you’ll find two main items for Q2, 2018, enhanced knowledge-base and API documentation. Well, we have already delivered! Check out the new and improved docs here:

While living documents like this can never really be called “done”, we want to get DCore into your hands as fast as possible. This documentation gets you access to the API and basic SDKs. We will continue to add features and refine these docs to make sure you stay on the bleeding edge of blockchain and can get your products to market sooner.

Let’s take a look at what else is inside the new DCore Docs. First up, is a living roadmap to detail the development schedule for all things DCore related. Following that, a basic DCore Overview and an in-depth Technical Description. Then, you have access to the API and SDK as well as a solid look at some typical use-cases. 

In addition to all the technical details there is a “How To” section for common tasks like setting up miner and seeder nodes, getting a wallet for your DCT and more. There is also a growing partners section and a handy FAQ for DCore. 

Let us know what you think of the new docs. Your feedback and support has helped us get this far, let’s see how much more we can do together. Join our telegram to chat directly with our team and amazing community. Then, get to know us on Reddit or follow the hottest news on Twitter.